Faux Blowout Curls


Final Look

This week is all about making your blowout last… or faking it. Specializing in strictly styling, I always want to find the tips & tricks to making my clients hair last as long as possible. Especially their blowouts! Today we are learning how to preserve your blowout (or how to create a Faux Blowout).

Faux Blowout Curls

What you need

Curling Iron (1.25 in)

Dry Shampoo

Medium Hold Hairspray

Teasing Brush

Step By Step

Step 1

 1.) Start by spraying a dry shampoo all over (focusing mainly at your roots).  *Tip- Flip your head upside down and spray to rough up the cuticle and give your hair some added volume.

Step 2

 2.) Section off the top panel around your part at the top of your head. Secure with a clip.

Step 3

 3.) Beginning at one side- Spray your hair with a medium hold hairspray. Holding the curling iron vertically (just like last week with the Effortless Waves Tutorial) begin to curl the hair away from the face. This time curling the entire strand of hair.

Step 4

 4.) Continue that process all the way around the head.

Step 5

 5.) Continue wrapping hair away from the face around to the back of the head.

Step 6

6.) Once all hair is curled- make your way up to the top section.  Holding the hair straight up off of the head- hold the curling iron horizontally, and curl the hair down towards the head (directing the curl back). *Tip- directing the curl back will help at volume at the root and give more of that “blown out” look.

Step 7

 7.) Continue this process throughout the entire top section.

Step 8

8.) Using your teasing comb, back-comb up at the roots around your part.

Step 9

 9.) Touch up any pieces around your hairline.

Step 10

 10.) Brush out the curls giving them a smoother / round brushed looked.

Final Look

And there you have it! A Faux Blowout, and also the perfect way to touch up a blowout after a few days of wear.

xoxo, Amanda

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Tools & Products:




Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder   //   Fave4 Workable Wear   //   Argan Heat Curling Iron

 Bargain Buys:   Aussie 7n1 Dry Shampoo   //   John Frieda Hairspray 


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