Get Effortless Beach Waves for Spring



Effortless Beach Waves

 Over the next few weeks I will be showing how different types of styling tools can create different curl patterns. Teaching you how to get the beachy effortless waves, old hollywood glam waves, flat iron curls, and many more. Hair length, texture, and health are all factors when deciding what curl will look best on you.

Today we are starting with my favorite go to style- Effortless Waves. Also referred to as “Beachy or Undone Waves.”  This is a great curl for any hair length. And it’s is great for the “I don’t want to look like I spent hours curling my hair look.”

 What you need

Curling Wand: Depending on the length of your hair will determine what size you need. (I use the Bellami 6in 1 Curling Wand- the size that is about 1.75in)

Heat Protectant Spray

Medium Hold Hairspray

 Step By Step

 1.) Always start with a heat protectant. I use the Oribe “Royal Blowout” Spray before blow drying my hair.

 2.) Start by parting your hair wherever is most comfortable for you. I like to keep my part closer to the middle. Spray a medium hold hairspray throughout your hair to give some hold before curling. I am using “Workable Wear” by Fave4.


3.) Beginning at the front of one side, grab about a 1-1.5 in section of hair. Holding the wand vertically, wrap hair around the wand- making sure to direct the curl away from your face.


 4.) Make sure to keep about an inch of your ends off of the wand. This gives the style the undone look. By curling your ends- you start to lose the wavy look and get more of a polished/curly look.

5.) Continue wrapping hair away from the face around to the back of the head.


6.) Once you reach the center/back of your head. Wrap hair in opposite direction.

 7.) Continue back around to the front of the head- making sure to curl away from the face.

 8.) Once all hair is curled. Spray once again with a medium hold hairspray. Run your fingers through your hair to pull apart the curls.


 9.) That’s it! You now have mastered the effortless/ undone wave.

 Tools & Products Used:


Oribe Royal Blowout Styling Spray  //  Fave4 Workable Wear Hairspray   //  Bellami 6in1 Curling Wand

 Bargain Buys:

Kenra Platinum Hot Spray  //   John Frieda Hairspray  //  ISO Beauty 5in1 Curling Wand


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