The NEW Side Braid


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Voluminous Side Fishtail

A side braid is always my go to style when I don’t want to wear my hair down or in a standard ponytail. I love this look especially because it keeps the hair out of my face and it is a great transition from a day to night look.

Sticking with the braid trend, this hairstyle incorporates the fishtail braid technique from last week, but gives a completely different look.

Step By Step

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1.) Begin by sectioning top half of hair and pin up. Back-comb, with a teasing brush, at the roots to add some extra lift and volume around the hairline. (This helps the hair appear fuller and gives a little more texture to the hairstyle).

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2.) Directing top half of hair away from the face, secure at the back of the crown with a bobby pin. *Tip- if you are having trouble securing the hair with the bobby pin, spray some hairspray on the pin before placing it in the hair.

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3.) Once you have the top half pinned off- pull the rest of the hair over to one side. Using the same technique as we did in the Dutch Fishtail Headband, split hair into two sections.

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4.) Starting on the right section, grab a strand from the outer part and cross over to the left section. Repeat that on the left side. Continue this process all the way down the hair.

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5.) Once you have completed the braid, begin to “stretch the braid”. Pulling from one side and then the other to make the braid appear larger and more dramatic.

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6.) Secure braid with an elastic and a spritz with your favorite light hold hairspray! Mine is the Fave4 Texture Takeover Hairspray.

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**Add a cute headband or hair accessory to switch this look from day to night!

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Products used for this look:

Anti-Frizz: Pureology Radiance Amplifier

Hairspray: Fave4 Texture Takeover 

Teasing Brush

Bargain Buys:

Anti-Frizz: John Frieda Ease Shine Glossing Mist

Hairspray: Garnier Fructis Texture Tease

XOXO, Amanda


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