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Hey there everyone!

Welcome back to another great day on Chris’s corner. I took off for a short while because I got too invested in the Bachelor, but I am back and ready to speak my mind.

You may or may not know this, but my style and fashion is in the department of ‘lacking’. It’s not that I don’t like to look good when I get dressed, it’s that I have a hard time going to the store to shop for clothes. I might be like every man out there – not interested in bumping shoulders with someone shopping for the same pair of jeans I am looking for on the same day.

I mean, let’s be honest. If I am walking down the street and I see someone with the same shirt on I am totally ok with that, but do we have to be seen buying the same shirt together? I don’t know them and probably won’t see them again, but come on. Right? If I do go shopping, I prefer going when no one else is going to be there. Middle of the day during the week, early mornings knocking on the department store door asking them to let me in five minutes early. You know what I mean.

I will have to say that lately I have been trying to be a little more hip and get with the times. I’ve put together a few different pieces that I like and want to share with you. You are not only reading Chris’s corner this week, but entering into Chris’s Closet!


– The long sleeve cotton T is in for me right now. One, it makes me feel bigger and stronger. Two, it’s very comfortable and I can pair it well with many different outfits.

– If we are talking short sleeve T’s then we are talking v-necks. Crew necks are harder for me to pull off, unless they are relaxed collars. A good V is always great to have on hand and can mix and match with almost anything.

– Let’s talk about dress shirts – Now I like the solid look, but I also like to mix it up with the checkered shirt here and there. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I dress up for work and wear collared shirts on the regular so it’s important to have options.

– If It’s Friday night and I need to look halfway put together, I’m probably going to put on a casual button down shirt. Lately, I’ve been a huge fan of the heathered look (did I get that right?) and Des has been picking out some amazing shirts for me.

Let’s work our way down the optimally dressed outfit and get into the pants attitude.


– Aside from work and a good pair of Hugo Boss pants, I keep my jean game close to my heart…¬†wellmore close to the legs. I am a fan of fitted jeans right now. Call me trendy if you will, I prefer a good looking pair of pants that aren’t too baggy. Slim is in for me and until the fashion(istas) at Starbucks change their outfits, I am not going to change mine.

– Did you just ask, “but what do you wear around the house Chris?” Well I thought you’d never ask. I am styling around the house too! If I’m not in athletic shorts heading out to the gym or for a ride on my longboard, I am in the new trendy sweats. You know the ones right? They only make it to your ankle and expose your entire foot, or shoe game.


Last but not least, let’s talk about your shoe game. Well, let’s talk about mine since this is my corner and my closet. I love a good pair of running shoes and like to wear them around, but supposedly it’s not the best look. If I am going out, a good pair of boots like Clarks or Aldos or something hip from Nordstrom is my go to shoe. If I need to keep it more casual, I always have a pair of Sperry’s lying around. Des and I are fortunate enough to get to go down to California a lot, so I always make sure I have a pair of Reefs with me for a slip on shoe, or a pair of Rainbows for sandals.

SO there you have it. You know what’s in my closet and what I wear. Now come back next time to my corner to get more info!

Over and out.


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