What to Know Before You Propose?



Proposals are _____! I’m sure many poetic and romantic words filled that blank spot as you read it which is why a proposal is such an exciting moment in a couple’s life.

I’m sure you have thought about this moment over and over again, hoping to say the right thing and do the right thing to ensure it all goes smoothly. We like to see proposals happen in a magical way, but more often than not, one is nervous or acting strange while the other one is unaware and can accidentally ruin the plans.

To make sure the proposal goes as you’ve always dreamed, follow these simple steps and you’ll be an answer away from engagement bliss.


Do your research. Have you looked at rings together or do you want it to be a surprise? Either way you should consult your love’s best friends and family members to get some advice on what she/he has dreamt of wearing on that vacant left ring finger for all these years.  Some cyber stalking on Pinterest may give you a solid idea of what kind of rings they like as well.



Favorite place or interest. Think about where you would like to propose… Is there a favorite date spot, memory, or activity you enjoy doing together that would make the proposal even more memorable? The location is important because it will forever be a part of your story together as you’re old and grey telling your grandkids how you proposed.


Bring on the Romance. As young girls we grow up watching romantic movies that paint a dreamy and idyllic view of what a perfect proposal looks like. It may seem hard to live up to those ideals, but it’s much easier than one may think. All you need is a little bit (or a lot) of romance for this special moment to be everything you both ever dreamed of.


Make it a surprise! For the most part, everyone loves a good surprise and what better surprise than a proposal! A proposal is the crème de la crème of surprises and the anticipation makes that moment even more exciting.



All about the details. The details will make your proposal more personal and sentimental. Those details should cater to your relationship or a certain interest. It will be the details that set this day apart, but also the words that you say…


Prepare your words. During a proposal, it’s always best to speak from the heart, but often times nerves can get in the way so be prepared with what you want to say. Moments you shared, why you love them and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them is a good place to start.



Stay in the moment. This moment comes but once in a lifetime (for the most part) so relish in the moment and enjoy every happy tear, loving kiss, and tight hug. It’s one of the best moments to happen before the wedding day.


Enjoy the engagement! There will be months of decisions and planning so enjoy the moments you have together before becoming Mr. and Mrs.

And… Congratulations!

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