If you happened to stumble across my blog and are reading this right now then you would have noticed that my (maiden) last name is Hartsock. Ever since I was a little girl my last name has been misspelled, misspoken and often times poked fun at, but now it’s my turn to play the cards and use my last name for a fun (hart)-SOCK GIVEAWAY!! 😉


Woven Pear is a fabulous company that offers a fun array of colorful, printed socks that I LOVE to wear while lounging at home, for travel and during boot season. From flowers to stripes and inspiring messages on the bottom of the feet, Woven Pear has a print for everyone!

There aren’t any Heart-socks in this bunch, but definitely some fun ones to spend a Sunday afternoon in or to show off your personality.


Woven Pear makes wearing socks fun and fabulous!  They seriously brighten my day every time I wear them, not to mention that Chris loves them too which is a bonus.  Let them brighten your day in our GIVEAWAY!


Woven Pear and I have paired up to bring you a sock full of goodies in this giveaway! Enter to win my favorite socks below, valued at $100. Believe me, you won’t want to take them off!

Winner will be randomly selected and notified via email on Thursday, March 12th. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Suz

    I love the chevron black and white socks with the aqua borders. Those colors speak to me!

  • Danielle

    I love the black and white with the pink and white feet in the middle picture. Super cute!

  • Amber Cilitti

    Totally love the dream big socks!! So adorable!

  • Kristin Poklemba

    This is such a cute idea to go along with your maiden name! It works perfectly with my maiden name of Shinholt! Your Hart-“socks” will warmly cover my “Shin”-holt. 🙂

  • Diana Scholz

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the dream big socks!

  • Jenn

    Love the ones you have on!

  • Lauren Byrd

    I am loving the mint and black dream big socks! SO CUTE!

  • Vicki

    Definitely the mint and black and white print hart-SOCKS you’re wearing! I love me some mint. And it says dream big, so I’m dreaming big on winning those socks!

  • Maggie Sutor (IL OT Mast 15)

    I love the dream big socks or chevron style!

  • Nicole johnston

    Love these socks!

  • Michelle Breckel

    The dream big socks are so cute!!

  • Desiree Hartwigsen

    I like the black and white chevron socks with the Aqua!

  • Megan V.

    Great idea, Des Hart-SOCK! Love these socks – so cute ;).

  • Megan

    I absolutely love all these designs! Especially the black and white stripes with the teal toe!

  • Krysti Ryan

    Happy floral on wovenpear.com are super cute!! So bright and vibrant! Check them out!

  • Angela

    These are all adorable! The chevron ones are my favorite!

  • Laura Moore

    I’m loving the pink and turquoise ones! They’re all so cute!!

  • Lulu

    I love the pink, teal and navy blue ones! Would love to win these socks. My feet are always cold in GA. Great idea! 🙂

  • Allison Cook

    I would love a pair of socks! And with the help of Des that would be SOOO cool!!!

  • Shelby Olivier

    These are so cute!! I would love a pair!

  • Katie

    These are adorable!! I would live in these…

  • melanie h

    My favorite print is leopard!

  • Rachel

    I love bright colors so I would have to say pink, teal and navy colored ones…They make a bold statement about how colorful you are!

  • Natalie perry

    Love the designs! So fun!

  • Kaili H.

    I love the flirty flamingo pair of Woven pear socks! They are colorful, cute, and i just love flamingos!

  • Ashlyn Nicole Ensz

    The light blue, white, and black are a MUST HAVE 🙂

  • Amy Haibel

    I love the happy crabber and whale of a tale! So cute for spring!

  • Lucia

    My fav print is definitely chevron! My feet are always freezing so I would love some new socks! ?

  • Tessa Hurd

    Love your blog and these adorable socks!

  • Brittany

    I love the teal, black and white checkered!

  • Emily Yancey

    These are adorable! I can’t pick just one favorite!

  • Canaan George Stevens

    The dream big black and white (with turquoise) are my favorites!

  • Haley Landsman

    I love the herringbone dream big socks!

  • Jennifer Owens

    Love the black and white chevron/checkered pair!! <3

  • Amanda

    Love the chevron ?

  • ashley

    these are all sooo cute!!

  • Samantha Smith

    Garden Patch!! Love the colors – so bright and happy!

  • Agomolicke

    These socks are so pretty!!

  • Lindsey Altman

    Gah I love the “Dream Big” socks!

  • Shinasa Enayeth

    They’re all so cute! I love the ones with writing on the soles of the socks #DreamBig

  • Jessica Gregory

    I’m obsessed with the chevron socks Des is wearing in the photos! I’m a dreamer and obsessed with the color teal and knee high socks, those were made for me!

  • Jordann Renee

    I love the Dream Big “pear” of socks! Adorable!

  • Kayla Mott

    Love the black, white, and teal dream big socks andddd the pink, grey, and teal striped ones!!

  • Ashleigh Hegwood

    My favorite is definitely the Happy Dance socks!!! My sister and I always did random happy dances when we were kids?

  • Emily

    Always wearing socks for my cold feet – why not wear cute ones!

  • Skyler

    LOVE the pink, teal, and grey “Dance/Happy” sock!! Those colors are SO cute together!! Pretty sure I would get multiple pairs of those so I could wear them everyday!

  • Jenna

    My favorite are the dream big pair that are Aqua, black, and white! Never seen any company out there with such cute styles!

  • dNuhhh x3

    I absolute love the chevron black and white with Aqua! I fell in love with an outfit on Pinterest with those colors & went crazy trying to find it! Those colors go so great together & the dream big on the bottom makes them even better! I would love to win those! They’re so cute & look nice and cozy for this cold winter here in jersey!

  • Grace Taylor

    My favorite are the navy, pink, and mint green, second from the top. I love that they have a message on the bottom!

  • rachel

    These are all so cute! I adore the teal and black “Dream Big” ones! So cute and they look so comfy!!

  • I like the black & white patterned ones with the teal! So cute!

  • Meg

    I LOVE happy socks! I would wear these all the time!!!

  • Nicki

    Love the idea behind these socks!! I think your a great role model!!! Well done!

  • Kimberly Cobb

    I love wearing fun socks and so does my husband! I like the dream big ones. They are so cute

  • Lindsey Zimmerman

    LOVE the black, white and teal!

  • Kiley

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the dream big!

  • Heather

    I love the socks Des is wearing in her promotion!! Pink ones and teal/white/black ones!!

  • Emily

    Those pink citrus socks are so cute!!

  • Heidi Duane Weaver

    Love the dream big pair. Love following you guys! So cute!

  • Kathy

    I love the black and white chevron pattern and the dance happy pairs

  • Courtney

    I love the teal and black dream big ones!

  • Sarah Baker

    PINEAPPLES!!!!! Love those socks!

  • Sarah Renfro

    I love the Dream Big or Happy Dance Herringbone socks!

  • enp315

    I like the black and white chevron…with the teal accents. I decorated my daughters nursery in teal, orange and gray…. Great colors together if you ask me! ??

  • Larissa Bloom

    Socks are truly the key to my heart! There is nothin’ better than a sweet jacket for your feet. These are absolutely adorable!

  • Amaura Cope

    I absolutely love everything about the herringbone ‘Dream Big’ sock you’ve featured!

  • Marissa Ruiz

    Love the “dream big” teal, black, and white socks!

  • Amy

    Love the socks!!! So cute and inspirational!

  • Julie Olesen

    I love them all! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  • Stephanie Montville

    Love the ‘Dream Big’ sock!

  • Ashley

    they look soo warm and comfy! My feet are always freezing so socks would be fabulous thing to win !


    I love the prints that have navy blue and black in them ! Great patterns !

  • juliamanalili@hotmail.com

    Love them all!!! They look so comfy!

  • Melissa McCoy

    Dance Happy is my favorite!

  • sNe

    I love the pineapples and the citrus!

  • Hannah

    So cute!!

  • Kathryn Penrod

    I can’t even choose because I love them all!! This decision is even harder than the blue/black (but really white/gold) dress question!!

  • Guest

    The dream big ones are super cute !

  • Kristi

    The mint dream big ones are super cute !

  • Denise Muller

    I tweeted, shared but no entries showed. Help?

  • Marlenne

    love the dream big socks!

  • Jenna

    Love the foxy lady socks! 😀

  • Kelly Wolf

    These socks look amazing!! Being a sock lover I would be over the moon to win. 🙂

  • Lea Anna

    The Shine Bright socks are right up my alley.

  • Emily Janning

    Dream big! All of them are so cute!

  • Liz

    I love the Whale of a Tale! 🙂

  • Kathryn Banning

    Love the mint and black ones you are wearing in the main picture

  • Jenna

    They are all really cute and think I could honestly wear them all. But I love the Dream Big socks!

  • Lindsey K

    These are adorable! Totally buying them for my wedding party!

  • Gwen B.

    The mint, black and white that you’re wearing are my fav! Are they extra soft?

  • Jacqueline Jackson

    Foxy, I Kat, Goodbye, Ride Along. Just discovered these beautS and love that they showcase them with Docs. Brilliant!

  • Ayina_11

    Wow, I love all of them!

  • Chelsea Fuller

    Love them all!

  • Kathleen

    I love them all, but if I had to chose, it would be the “Dream Big” (:

  • Lauren

    Love the bright colorful pink ones with the sayings on the bottom!

  • Mare L Reis

    I love the mint Dream Big ones!! So adorable.

  • Lo

    Hi Des! These socks look awesome! I love the copy cat and the gnomes!! I also love the hot dog, crabs, and flamingos! But really there isn’t a pair I don’t like! Thanks for introducing these to me!

  • ella

    The Pineapple Whip print is my favorite!

  • Hayley

    Love the Dream Big ones!

  • Linda

    I love the Happy Floral ones!

  • Allison

    The dream big socks are amazing! As a college student who has always aimed for the stars, I would love to wear those socks! Also, Michigan is rather chilly, so socks are a necessity and this brand is so cute, thanks for sharing this company!

  • Susan Miller

    My fave is the Orange You Glad!

  • whitney

    I love the pineapple print! So fun for spring & summer.

  • jessica

    Mix tape, pineapple, and pink floral! Love them all so much!

  • Whitney

    I love this socks! They are adorable! If I was rich enough I would be every pair of them!

  • Lauren

    I love the dream big socks. I am ALWAYS wearing socks. I’m wanting to give a pair of baseball socks to my bridesmaids when I ask them to be in my wedding to wear while getting ready on the big day. Maybe I’ll have to go with these instead!

  • Sara Washburn

    Those pineapple ones!! ???

  • amypugmire

    I am loving the black and white dream big herringbone socks. They are all so cute!

  • Angela O

    Love the black and white dream big socks!! <3

  • Lynn Mathieu

    I love the Whale narwol ones!

  • I’ve been wanting all of these SO BAD!!

  • Luiza T

    The socks are so cute! Another cute design for “hartsock” socks is: socks with hearts!

  • Kathleen

    Best sock designs! My favourite is definately the “Dream Big” ones!

  • Kirsten Curtis

    Love garden patch and happy floral! =) Been eyeing these socks for a while now!

  • Elle

    I love Colored Herringbone.

  • Natalie Cr Marie

    They are all so cute. I like Dream big !

  • Sue McRae

    Love the colors of the Dream Big socks.

  • Holly E

    I love Chevron prints.

  • Aunt Renee

    i love the design of the pink and teal up top, but i like some of the other sayings..i could go crazy buying all of them or wanting to switch designs and sayings!! lol They are all soo adorable!!

  • wendymcbride

    I like the Dream Big socks the best!

  • Happy

    these socks look amazing.

  • Morgan McAlister

    Love the pineapples! Gorgeous and fun colors!

  • Erika Moore

    I love dream big & true love. These socks are adorable & look so comfy!

  • Audrey Albinger

    I love happy dance and orange glad! I also love foxy lady a lot but ALL of them aresome!!

  • Rachel

    I love the dream big ones

  • Tisa Jackson

    I actually love all the socks – but my faves are mix tape and hot dog! soooo super cute!

  • grace

    Love the pineapple socks! So fun and cute!

  • Sarah

    I love the dream big socks and dance happy socks!!

  • Marisa

    Loving the black white and blue “dream big” socks. <3

  • Meegan

    I love the Dream Big socks! ?

  • Cami

    These socks are so cute! The pineapple ones are definitely my favorite!

  • Madison

    I like the stripes!

  • Michelle

    LOVE the Dream Big socks <3

  • Katherine Owens

    Love the pineapple ones and the pair with the black stripes!

  • Kristen

    I love the Dream Big ones!

  • Laura

    I like the Chevron print best.

  • Cheryl Bryce

    I like the narwhal ones!