How to throw the BEST ‘Bachelor’ Finale Viewing Party



The finale of  ‘The Bachelor’ is next Monday and I know you’re just as excited as I am!! Chris has been a gentleman to watch and I have enjoyed watching the different relationships grow. Having been in his shoes I am excited for what is to come for him and to find out who his chosen one is!

The best part about ‘The Bachelor’, aside from the drama and the craziness, is the reason to get together and have a party with your closest friends. Why not throw the best party ever to celebrate the finale and the possible proposal for Chris. Let me tell you how..


#1: Bet on the final pick. If you printed off my ‘Bachelor’ Bracket in the beginning of the season then this will be the best way to claim a winner. If you haven’t done so then have all of your guests write on a piece of paper who they think is ‘the one’ for Chris and then once he chooses pull a name from that jar and that person will be the winner. Have a fun prize available for the winner to create anticipation and excitement!

#2 Eats + Treats. A party can’t be the same with out some treats to snack on. Most guests will be so enwrapped in the episode that they won’t notice you didn’t serve a 5 course meal so don’t beat yourself up over the food. Stick with some fun finger foods and desserts that can be passed around or enjoyed while watching the last 2 women standing are handed their fate.

#3 Drinking Games! If you and your girls are the kind that enjoy a class of pinot while watching love triangles unfold then play a word game that will get everyone rowdy and involved. Pick a word like “amazing”, “love”, “feelings”, or “journey” and every time Chris and the ladies say that word you must take a drink.

If you’re not a drinker than have no fear, make a fun fruity rose colored drink for the ladies to sip each time the word is said, or play a different game where everyone guesses how many times that chosen word will be said and the one who guesses nearest gets a prize.

The games are endless so get creative with it. If you have a suggestion or one that you and your friends play, tell us in the comments below.


#4 Dress up! It’s the finale, the proposal, the last time we will see Chris making out with multiple girls and choose only one to take back to Iowa and call his fiancée. You might as well play it up and make your party a mock rose ceremony! Everyone should dress up as if they are at a rose ceremony and hand out roses to your guests. It will make your party special and memorable for everyone. Send out a formal e-invite that sets the tone right. That tone should be in the form of Chris Harrison’s voice. 😉

#5 Photo Booth. If you’re the creative or crafty type then set up a section of your place specifically for selfies and photos. Print off Chris’s (both of them) face and attach to a popsicle stick so everyone can take photos with the Bachelor and host. Don’t forget to also include roses and quotes that would pertain to the show like, “Will you accept my final rose?”, “Take me to the fantasy suite”, etc.

#6 Set the Tone Right. Dim lighting, candles, chocolates, roses and an atmosphere to dwell right into the final proposal will make it like you’re right there with them.

#7 HAVE FUN!!!  The finale is a time to celebrate along with Chris and his chosen one so have fun with it.


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