9 Tips to Travel Light



Packing for a long trip can be overwhelming. It has become increasingly expensive to check luggage at the airport so traveling light has also become important for our pockets. Depending on the nature of your trip it can be a pain to lug around heavy bags from place to place. I have become rather talented at packing light while still feeling well prepared. Check out some of my tips to ease your pre-trip stress below!

Keep it basic. I like to pack neutral colored clothes that I can easily mix and match. Black, white, gray and tan. A classic white tee and black leggings are my go to items for every trip.

Layers! This is the easiest way to ensure you are always prepared for temperature fluctuations. You want tees/tanks, button up shirts, sweaters, and a versatile jacket. Even if you are taking a trip to paradise make sure to bring warmer clothes for the evenings when the temperature drops.

SPICE things up with accessories! Jewelry, scarves, makeup and hats can totally change an outfit. This way you can pack minimally but still look your best. I LOVE my floppy brimmed fedora hat.

More tops than bottoms! You do not need to pack a different pair of pants for each day of your trip. A dark wash pair of skinny jeans goes with every outfit. My J Brand skinny jeans take me from day to night no matter where I am. Try not to pack multiple pairs of jeans but if it is a warm weather trip I would also add a pair of jean shorts for the daytime. Then I suggest one pair of sleek pants, and a dress than can double as a skirt with the right top. Thats it…all you need…really… believe me!

Light on the shoes. Shoes are a heavy item to pack. I always wear my largest/heaviest pair of shoes on the plane…sneaky! Choose a pair of comfortable booties, like these Ted Baker booties, that are a versatile color with your outfits. These are best because they can be dressed up or down for daytime and a night out on the town.

A pair of sneakers since you will hopefully be prioritizing some time for exercise and outdoor adventures. A pair of flip flops or flats. Something that is easy to slip on and off as needed for more casual activities. Your tootsies are now covered!

Pack only for your plans. Coordinate with your itinerary make sure you have only the items you will need for the activities you expect to do and the anticipated weather. For example if you are going to be hiking in patagonia, make sure you have a windbreaker, hiking boots, and a stylish scarf for those amazing photo opportunities. If you are going to Fiji you can pack a variety of bathing suits, a beach cover-up and floppy hat to lounge on the beach.

If you are heading to Paris, pack comfortable walking shoes, a loose black mini dress with a cardigan and red lipstick to stand out among the crowd.

Prioritize. Many items you can easily get at your hotel that would otherwise take up a great deal of room… a hairdryer for instance. Bring your most crucial every day items and leave the rest behind. You will survive without some of your luxury products for a few days.

Take advantage of your carry on. I always pack one outfit in my carry-on, a toothbrush, bathing suit, scarf and some extra undergarments. In the unfortunate case that your luggage does not arrive down the conveyor belt you will be prepared to survive a few days without it ruining your getaway.

Light Luggage. Buy a suitcase that only weighs about 10-12 pounds for those longer trips that require you to check a bag. The average weight limit is approximately 50 LBS and you don’t want to waste half of those on the bag itself.  Try CALPAK’s Marble Luggage Set for a lightweight and stylish option.

Hope these tips help lighten your spirits and your bag when it comes time to pack for your next trip

Happy travels!




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