Chris’s Corner: The NEXT ‘Bachelorette’ should be…



Welcome everyone to the corner of the week. I am proud to say that I am officially hooked and back in love with the Bachelor this season…

As most of you know, Jason, Molly, my wife and I go to Lucia every Monday to mingle and watch the show with Bachelor nation, but it makes it hard for us to actually tune in to see what is taking place because we are all chatty Kathy’s. But, I’ve been going home and catching up by re-watching the episodes afterwards. I know, I know… addicted and forever stuck in the Bachelor family. You know what I think? I think the show will never end and we are bound to see Chris Harrison play the role of the Bachelor very soon. That isn’t insider information, but it sure feels right. Right?

If you are like me, you are probably just waiting to find out who the next Bachelorette is going to be. Haha. Just kidding, but I am sure you are interested. Well I know so let me tell you. Consider it firsthand information. Or better, something you’ve never heard before and you don’t want to miss it. Kaitlyn will be the next Bachelorette. There! It is out! Let that sink in for a minute and a few spaces down the page…



…….Ok, we are back. While I think there are many good candidates for the next Bachelorette, Kaitlyn seems to be able to hold her own and stick up for herself. She also is quirky and seems to have a sense of humor. America needs to be able to watch every Monday and be entertained and Kaitlyn would be a great lead. Second, or maybe fifth, she seems to be interested in finding love and open to the possibility.


I don’t know about you, but I felt sad for her when Sean, I mean Chris, sent her home. She honestly seemed very hurt and was doing her best not to cry during the rose ceremony. I’ve been through a couple of those and while I wasn’t on the verge of tears because I knew Des was all about that Chris, bout that Chris, no treble… it can be very nerve-racking. For example, if you go back and watch the final rose episode you will notice that the floor boards are making noise and that was because my legs were shaking so much I was rattling the ground.

Good thing I didn’t pee my pants right? Haha! Anyway, let’s get back to Kaitlyn. Some of you might think that she was a little too forward with her entrance, but honestly that was just clever and witty humor. Was it crude? Whatever. Aside from my favorite Bachelorette and wife, I think your next favorite Bachelorette will be Kaitlyn if they choose her and she wants to find love.

Well, I think that is enough opinion and fact from me for one week. Stay tuned next week when I talk about even more exciting news about the show. I mean, we WILL be one episode away from finding out who moves to Iowa!

Catch you later Corner’ers…


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