Catherine’s Almond Butter Cups {RECIPE}



Sometimes it can feel like chocolate is our only friend. I think we can all relate to the healing powers of the sweet treat.

Well, how about you make some friends, let them chill in the freezer and take them out for a good time when you feel like partying?

This recipe is healthier than the more famous Reese’s, as it’s vegan, gluten-free and not pumped with additives and preservatives. My friends at The Green Plate Club invite you to join the chocolate party they planned for you…


8T Coconut Oil

6T Raw Cacao

6T Almond Butter

4T Sweetener (maple syrup, coconut or agave nectar)

Sea Salt

Medium Mixing Bowl

6 Foil Cupcake Liners

Muffin Pan


To Do:

Melt coconut oil and mix with sweetener (I used agave) and cacao.

Add about a tablespoon of mixture into each liner and place pan in freezer on a flat surface for about 20 minutes to set.

Drop one teaspoon of almond butter in the center of each cup on top of the set chocolate. Sprinkle a little sea salt on top too!

Then, melt the remaining mixture and pour another tablespoon over the almond butter.

Freeze the cups for 10 minutes and remove to sprinkle sea salt on each of them.

Place back in the freezer for another 10 minutes and store until you’re ready to indulge!


If you like to experiment with flavors, I suggest some upgrades to the recipe above to diversify your clique.

 • Strawberry or raspberry jelly inside for a PBJ-esque cup

 • Roasted, salted almonds on topfor your sophisticated side

 • Crushed potato chips on top for the risky girl in you

 • Toasted coconut on top to bring more coconut flavor to the front

 • A slice of banana inside for another classic

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