OneHope for Day, OneHope for Night



With OneHope there’s something for everyone. If you’re a wine drinker, they’ve got you covered. If you prefer a cup of joe over the berry juice than they still have you covered.

For our wedding we wanted to make sure to include both for our guests. At the bar we were serving your original soft drinks along with an array of OneHope wines to satisfy any thirst. Towards the dessert table our guests could find a coffee bar set up with OneHope coffee!


The greatest thing about OneHope is that a portion of the proceeds goes to support a monthly cause. You can find all of the causes on their website at When ordering enough wine and coffee to serve 130 guests, there was joy in knowing that some of the proceedds would be going to a good cause.


The OneHope Coffee was ahh-mazing! I made sure to take some time off of the dance floor during the reception to enjoy a cup, and it was exactly what I needed! I know that many of the guests were pleased to have a coffee option as well, and the technique was fun to watch. Also, I’m a sucker for flavored milks and creams for my coffee so I was glad to have the different options.


If you’re planning an event or a wedding in the coming year than I would definitely recommend OneHope wine and coffee for ¬†your guests. You’ll be serving your guests with the absolute best while also helping to support great causes.


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