Travel: Fly Away with Me



Chris and I recently took our honeymoon to Hawaii and stayed at the most amazing resorts you could ever imagine! More details and photos from our Honeymoon can be found HERE.

While the places we stayed at were beyond our wildest dreams and the scenery was out of this world, the flight was just as important and surpassed all of our expectations!


We flew from Los Angeles, where our wedding was held, to Honolulu and it was the easiest flight I have ever taken. As we first boarded the airplane, we were greeted with a lei and a warm welcome from the Hawaiian Airlines staff. The Aloha spirit and hibiscus patterns put us in vacation mode right away and nothing could take the smiles off of our newlywed faces. As we sat and got situated, we were handed one of their signature cocktails, N? Pua, which consisted of white wine and guava juice.


Flights are often times the most dreaded time before vacation and excitement starts, but that’s not the case with Hawaiian Airlines. The entire flight was the best! Chris and I watched movies, ate incredible food and continued to drink those awesome cocktails throughout the flight because hey, we were on vacation! 😉

We arrived in Honolulu 4-5 hours later and couldn’t wait to hit the beach!


We had a blast in Oahu, staying at The Royal Hawaiian, but we wanted to check out another island during our stay so after a few days of sun and sand we boarded another Hawaiian Airlines flight to go to the St. Regis Princeville in Kauai.


We were sad to leave Hawaii when it was our time to go, but knowing that we were in good hands on the way back made it less dreadful. We all know that leaving vacation is never relaxing and a painful flight experience can make it worst. That just is not the case with Hawaiian Airlines. We were seriously blown away by everything we experienced that we wouldn’t use any other airline to go back to Hawaii again.


Also Hawaiian Airlines offers an incredible program called Wedding Wings, that offers discounts on airfare for couple’s traveling to their destination wedding with an extended discount to friend’s and family that will be traveling with them! No joke, it’s so good that it must be shared. You can find out more about Wedding Wings at

I give Hawaiian airlines my final rose (aside from Chris, of course) and you should check them out for your next trip!

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