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Hey there all you corner followers! I think it goes without saying that we are happily married now.

First off, I want to say congratulations to my beautiful wife! You are officially a Siegfried! Haha. We were fortunate enough to have amazing help throughout the wedding, not to mention the lead up to the wedding. Des did a great job putting together the details (I was involved in some too) with the help we had and on her own. She truly is amazing.

Now let’s get to the corner conversation!

BKP_0403I thought it would be great to share with you all the dapper and ‘on point’ pieces the groomsmen wore on our wedding day since this is my corner. You may not know this, but all of those colors and designs for the men were chosen by me (mostly). Well, I can’t take all of the credit. When we first started to plan our wedding we both really wanted it to have a vintage look with natural colors. You can see a lot of green, plantlike pieces in our pictures. I also wanted to make sure that the guys had a classic look. While I like the tuxedo look, you know black and white maybe even with a bow tie, I wanted to keep it classy with a more toned down look.

One of my groomsmen used The Black Tux back in August and so I thought it would be a good idea to see if they could get us fitted in time for our wedding. We were only working with a four month window, but The Black Tux was more than accommodating and made sure we were all taken care of well before our wedding date. While there are many cool things about this company, one of the coolest is that they ship your suit or tux in a box with a return label so that all you have to do is put it back in the box and send it off days after the wedding. Pretty amazing, right!?

BKP_0391Like I said, I wanted to keep it classy. Not only did we choose a solid dark grey suit for all of us guys, I decided that all of us should go with suspenders too. Suspenders are very useful. One, they hold your pants up since you aren’t wearing a belt with suspenders. Two, they add amazing detail to an already great looking outfit. Three, they make you dance better! It’s true! They are the missing piece to all guys who don’t know how to dance. Now if you don’t have suspenders in your ensemble, there IS another piece that will make you a better dancer. The Tie.

When we were trying to figure out what color ties to wear, we thought it would be good to stay with the color schemes we hadgoing on with the wedding. That is how we landed on the blush color tie for me and the champagne color ties for the groomsmen. I wanted to make sure mine was slightly different seeing that I was the one getting married. Ha! You don’t know this and you couldn’t unless you were there feeling our ties, but these were handmade ties! We kept to my roots and worked with a company out of Portland, Oregon called Bowyer and Fletcher.

This wasn’t just any tie, there were tailored to our necks.  No, but seriously, they were all silk ties and the coolest of them all, mine, was raw silk. I didn’t even know there was a difference between raw silk and silk, but now I do. To stay classy, we made sure to add the finishing touches to the groomsmen by giving everyone pocket squares as well. I am a huge fan of pocket squares when I wear a suit. In fact, you might never see me without one from here on out! Guess where the pocket squares came from… Des! Oh yes. She made each of the pocket squares. Now that is a handy wife.

BKP_0376Drake has a song for girls that goes like this “ You fancy huh, oh you fancy huh… nails done, hair did, everything did…” and it goes on. Jay Z has a song that asks us to brush dirt off our shoulders. But who has a song about our shoes? Well Wiz Khalifa does and he references boat shoes. I love boat shoes. In fact, I usually rock a pair of Sperry’sregularly, but I am getting away from my point so let’s carry on.

To finish my groomsmen’s classy look we had to come up with something nice, a finishing piece if you will…  from head to…  toe. We decided to go with an Aldo Oxford black shoe that we found on Zappos. I would be lying to you if I told you I’ve shopped on Zappos before. I don’t shop much, but this might have been one of the easiest places to find the shoes I was looking for. This was the finishing touch to our outfits. We had grey on black on white on blush on champagne with a pocket square made by Des and we were looking classy good.

BUT, the thing I loved most about it all. The piece that really put the entire wedding together. Well, that was Des. She looked gorgeous in her dress. We went the traditional route and didn’t do a first look so I was very eager to see her dress. It was stunning! The blush undertone was amazing and looked beautiful with the white lace. Now I don’t see a lot of wedding dresses, but I would have to say that this one was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

Now that we are officially married, we are going to share many, many pictures with you all from our amazing day. Be on the lookout for those pics! You know where to find us.

Until the next corner.

Chris and Des Siegfried (but it’s still my corner)


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