Sexy Glutes for Valentine’s Day



Valentines Day is a week away! This year, fall in love with your booty by doing some of my favorite tush toning exercises!


Stand with legs a little wider than hip width apart with toes slightly facing outward. Keeping your back straight and weight more focused in your heels, lower your body. I like to add weight when doing these to really feel a burn, but if you’re a beginner, you can do these with little or no weight added.


Single-Leg Deadlifts

Do these using a dumbbell or a kettle ball for added weight. Stand on one leg, the same side as the arm holding your weight. Keep your standing leg just slightly bent so you don’t lock your knee. Bend your body at your hip, keeping your back straight until you are parallel to the ground. Slowly return to an upright position.

Hip Thrusts

Yes, this exercise feels silly at first, but it’s a killer! For beginners, lie on a mat face up with your feet on the ground. Raise your hips as high as you can, making sure to squeeze your glute muscles. Lower your body and repeat.

For a more advanced version, rest the top of your back on a bench, at about shoulder blade level. Place a barbell or plate just above your hips. Do the same motion as above, lifting hips and keeping your weight in your shoulder blades and feet. Make sure to squeeze the glute muscles once your hips are fully extended!



There are multiple variations of this exercise. For basic walking lunges, you can use your body weight, dumbbells or a barbell.  Start out standing with feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with one leg and lower body so that back knee just barely touches the ground. Make sure that your front knee is not overextending past your toes. You want your front knee and foot to be parallel. Drive up through your heel and repeat, stepping forward with the other leg to alternate.


Glute Kickbacks 

Beginners: Begin on all fours, and slightly raise one knee off the ground. Extend that leg back and focus on engaging your hamstrings and squeezing your butt. You can add bands for some extra resistance.

Advanced: I do this in the gym using a cable machine. Lower the cable to ankle height and wrap attachment around your ankle. Keep your standing leg slightly bent so you don’t lock your knee, and extend your other leg behind you making sure to squeeze! You can also perform these by extending your leg to the side to target a different area of the glutes.


Do at least three sets with twelve reps for each of these exercises.

Now that you have the formula for a bangin’ booty this Valentines Day, get shopping for that perfect show stopper dress, or maybe even a sexy little something for later on!  ; ) Chances are it won’t matter what you wear, since your new ASSETS will be the highlight of the night!

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