Spotlight: My Wedding Jewelry



While designing my jewelry collection with Kelsey from KV Bijou (Desiree for Kv Bijou) I knew that the styles we were designing would also be worn on my wedding day. That made the process fun, exciting and also more personal.

We both wanted to create a collection that would be perfect for brides to wear on their special day, but also be versatile to wear for other occasions. If you’ve learned anything about me at all, it’s that I am pretty low-key when it comes to fashion, jewelry, and my lifestyle so our collection had to still encompass both of our bohemian personalities in that way. You can dress up the jewelry when needed or keep it relaxed and comfortable for any other event.

Check out what jewelry I wore on my wedding day, from the collection, along with the jewelry I gifted to my beautiful bridesmaids!

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For my CEREMONY dress I really wanted to keep the focus on the gown and decided to go with our IRREGULAR studs and cuff to complete the look. I loved that my studs were a little larger than the TINY irregular studs the bridesmaids wore so that it kept both of our looks cohesive throughout. It was the perfect amount of sparkle to add to my already lace and beaded gown.


I gifted my BRIDESMAIDS the TINY IRREGULAR studs with the IRREGULAR necklace or cuff depending on their dress style. Each one of them looked flawless in their dress and jewelry! This is the best set you can gift because each piece can be worn again with practically anything.


For my RECEPTION dress jewelry I really wanted to keep the vintage vibe going so I went with our GRACE dangle drop earring and cuff which were PERFECT for the look! Since my gown already had a lot of beading on the front I skipped the necklace but the entire set is great with any style.



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