Des + Chris: Wedding Ceremony at Wayfarer’s Chapel



A day that will go down in history for Chris and I as one of the best days of our lives… Our Wedding Day!

Having worked in the bridal industry for almost a decade, one would think that I would know what to expect for my own wedding day. I was definitely relaxed, ready, organized and excited, but nothing could prepare me for the incredible amount of joy I felt as a bride on that special day. The excitement leading up to the moment I saw Chris to the warm embraces from friends and family are memories that will last a lifetime. It is the only day that everyone you love is in one place celebrating your love! That in itself is incredible. The shared moments throughout the day were quite spectacular with monumental significance that danced around like a beautiful aroma.

We are thankful that Brandon Kidd and his wife, Kristen, were our photographers, capturing all of those special moments with such grace and beauty. A good photographer is extremely important for wedding photos and the level of kindness, professionalism, comfort and attentiveness they showed were beyond our wildest hopes and made our wedding day even more relaxed. The photos speak for themselves and I’m so glad that we get to share our day with you.


I first discovered Wayfarer’s Chapel while working in Los Angeles, but not until Chris and I came to visit did we instantly know this is where we wanted to get married. The glass chapel creates an intimate setting that breathes life and nature into it with an unspoken ease.  The beautiful grounds and incredible architecture along with the backdrop of the ocean pulled at my bohemian heart strings, leaving Chris confident in our choice. It was the perfect setting for our indoor (but still outdoor) ceremony. It is a must see if you are ever in the Rancho Palos Verdes area.



Our wedding day started off as any other day, coffee, breakfast, an entourage of bridesmaids and a glam squad. Maybe not as normal as usual, but still peaceful, happy, and light hearted. The nerves didn’t kick in until right before I walked down the aisle and knew Chris would be seeing me for the first time in my dress. He looked so handsome standing at the front of the chapel with that adorable grin!

The moment I caught my eyes on his, the chapel stood still and nothing else mattered but sharing that day, our commitment, vows and love with one another. In that moment I felt so blessed.


My groom and his gentlemen look so dapper in their Black Tux charcoal suits and Bowyer & Fletcher ties!


I had a blast hanging with my bridesmaids all day.  They looked so pretty in their Donna Morgan berry colored dresses. Each one brings something different to my life and is why I deeply cherish their friendship. Brandon Kidd caught all of the silly moments we shared that day and those photos bring the memories back to life!


My dad is the sweetest man I know (aside from Chris of course 😉 ) and it was such a special moment to have him walk me down the aisle. I am his only daughter so I know it was special for him too. He got to watch his little girl marry her best friend. My dad knows I’m in good hands.

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SO Happy!


Our flower girls belong to two of my good friends (& bridesmaids) and were the cutest little things I’ve ever seen! Little brides to be in their custom Never Nola dresses.


Chris’s nephew, Holden, was the perfect gentlemen as our ring bearer.


It was exciting to wear my lace gown for the ceremony, but I was definitely ready for the reception in my beaded, chiffon dress! This dress is so comfortable and vintage that I felt like I stepped back in time.


Brandon and Kristen Kidd are the most adorable people I have ever met! They were phenomenal to work with on such a special day. I want to get married all over again just so I can have them take more photos. haha. That’s how great they are!


The ocean view (above) and stunning sunset (below) thanks to the perfectly positioned Wayfarer’s Chapel.


Come back next week as I share more from our wedding reception!

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