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If you aren’t familiar with waxing or any kind of hair removal then let me tell you about Sugar Waxing! I recently went to ‘Sugar Me’ salon in Portland for my first time ever getting waxed. First time ever! A girl has to be silky smooth for her wedding and honeymoon, right? Well, I was clueless as to where to go or what services to get done since I’ve never had anything professionally waxed before.

Luckily I came across ‘Sugar Me’. I was nervous at first since I didn’t know what to expect, but the moment I met Kate I was at ease and ready for anything. I had no idea how easy it was going to be! Seriously! Not much pain and went by fast. I started with my arms and ended with my bikini which to my surprise wasn’t bad at all and clearly a must for frolicking on the beach during a honeymoon!  I initially liked the idea of sugar waxing because the wax is made up of sugar, honey and lemon which are all natural ingredients and not harmful to the skin. A huge plus in my book!


After getting sugar waxed I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to be silky smooth for any occasion. I will definitely be going back! I love it so much now that ‘Sugar Me’ has put together their favorite beauty items they offer at their salon along with some local Portland treats to enjoy and win in the giveaway below!


Win all of these products in the ‘Sugar Me’ Goodie Bag! Value $200!!

Level Naturals

* Level Naturals-lemon verbena sugar scrub

* Level Naturals-original body butter

* Level Naturals- soy candle in jasmine rose

Butter London Nail Lacquers

* Butter London color ‘blowing raspberries’

* Butter London glitter overcoat collection

Moonstruck  {a sweet Portland staple!}

(3) Different hot cocoa mixes

Chocolate truffles

Portland Coffee Mug

Happy Cup Coffee Beans

Portland Knee High Socks

Sugar Me Tank & Panties

Bridge and Burn Pacific Wonderland Tote Bag


(*Winner will be notified via email on Thursday, Febuary 12th)

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Here’s some more info about sugar waxing so that you’re prepared for your first time! 😉

What to know about Sugar Waxing!

From Kate, the owner of Sugar Me in Portland, OR

HOW TO PREPARE:  Don’t shave, don’t exfoliate, don’t self tan or apply lotion beforehand.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Nervousness! The nerves will be quickly taken away once you get into your treatment room and meet your down to earth, knowledgable esthetician. Also, you may be nervous about the “pain”, however at Sugar Me, all of our sugaristas were born with the gift of gab {as are most hair removal specialists!} so even thou your treatment won’t be pain free, you’ll at least have fun feeling like you’re catching up and laughing with a good girlfriend!

HOW LONG TO GROW HAIR OUT: Everybody’s hair growth pattern is different, but you’re going to want to grow your hair out for about 7-10 days {or about 1/8″}! Sugaring can extract hair a bit shorter than traditional wax because the sugar can adhere to a shorter hair.

WHY SUGAR OVER TRADITIONAL WAX: There are several things that make sugaring a truly “sweet” alternative to traditional wax. Here are some of my faves!

  • Sugaring is ALL natural {sugar+water+lemon…that’s it!} sugar me’s is even organic:-)
  • Sugaring is preformed with a sugar paste. It’s applied with the hand and gently flicked off in the direction of hair growth. It’s sanitary and once the service is complete, the paste is biodegradable. A “green” clean form of hair removal!
  • The hair is extracted in the direction of hair growth {the opposite from traditional wax} you end up with less ingrown hairs. ummm…yes please!
  • Sugar heats to our body’s natural temperature so it can never burn or lift the skin. Plus, it makes hair removal finally safe for even the most sensitive of skin types.
  • BONUS!  It lasts a bit longer than traditional wax and can lead to a permanent refinement/reduction of your hair growth!

MOST COMMON MISCONCEPTION: That sugaring and waxing will make the hair come back thicker and darker than before. This isn’t true {thank goodness!} when getting hair removed by the root you actually experience the opposite. Your hair will come back thinner/lighter than before. Because we have 3 different hair growth cycles, the more you do it the better your results actually are!

HOW OFTEN TO SUGAR: You’ll want to get sugared every 4-6 weeks. With that being said, the more you do it the longer your treatments will last! Eventually leading to a permanent refinement/reduction of the sugared area.

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