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By Cassandra Ferguson // Follow on Instagram at @CassandraFergie

If you apply a majority of your makeup with just your fingers, STOP what you are doing immediately and read this whole post! Haha! This may sound super silly, but it blows my mind when girls tell me they don’t own makeup brushes! HOW in the world are you even applying makeup without them!? Both my sister and my mom told me the other day that they own just one eyeshadow brush and a few blush brushes- that’s it!

This really had me thinkin’… I obviously haven’t taught them anything! 😛 All joking aside, I HAD to post about makeup tools this week, so you understand how important they are. If you invest in good makeup, why not have the proper tools to apply them correctly? The first thing I would suggest to everyone is to invest in a quality brush set. You get more bang for your buck with brush sets since it is cheaper to buy them together. With these awesome brush sets, makeup application will be quick and easy, and also look 10x better than just using your fingers!

Since I am all about keeping it simple for everyone, I have picked 3 brush sets online that are the most similar to the brushes that I use! I use all different brands- Eco Tools, MAC, and Sephora brand mostly. 2 brush sets that I listed are Sephora brand, and one is Eco Tools. I also want to include a link to the beauty blender and some great brush cleaners!

I like reusing products and brushes each week, so if you purchase anything I ever suggest, it makes it so simple to follow along with me during my videos 🙂


The Original Beauty Blender

This is one of my all time favorite tools! The Original BeautyBlender. This five-time Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner blends your liquid foundation out to perfection. I have tried applying foundation with my fingers, buffing brushes, stippling brushes, but nothing compares to the airbrush-like finish the beauty blender creates. Just saturate the sponge with water, squeeze out the excess, dip your product on the sponge, and lightly tap on your face to blend. Voila!

s1629682-main-hero-300Brush Set #1: Gold Star Prestige Pro Brush Set   $125 ($310 value)

This brush set contains…

 –     Powder brush

–     Angled blush brush

–     Foundation brush (or contour brush)

–  Concealer brush

–  Allover shadow brush

–  Small eye shadow brush

–  Smudge brush

–  Crease brush

–  Liner brush

–  Lip brush with cap

–  Brow comb

–  Smoky eye brush



Brush Set #2: Tools of the Trade Set $62.00 ($160.00 value)

 This brush set contains… 

– Powder brush

– Small contour brush

– Fan brush

– Blending shadow brush

– Precision shadow brush

– Smudge brush

– Angled liner brush

– Brow comb/brush

– Travel roll


Brush Set #3:  ECO TOOLS– 6 piece Cosmetic Set   $11.49



ECO TOOLS -Fresh & Flawless 5 Piece Complexion Set  $14.99

Set includes:

-Flat Concealer Brush

-Buffing Concealer Brush

-Precision Foundation Brush

-Complexion Blending Brush

-Full Powder Brush


Brush Cleaner:

Don’t forget brush cleaner! Brushes and sponges harbor so much bacteria and can cause acne or eye infections if you aren’t diligent about cleaning them. I usually shampoo my brushes once every week or 2 with Purifying Brush Shampoo. I also use a Master Cleanse daily brush cleaner that dries immediately, whenever I’m in a hurry or in between clients.


Until next week…

XO Cassandra

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