How to: Seattle Seahawks Cake Pops


January 23, 2015KCBphotography13

There is nothing quite like the spirit of the Seahawks in Seattle during football season. Blue and green bleed from buildings, windows, streets, and can be found on men, women and children throughout the Seattle/ Washington area. Not only do Seahawks fans wear their gear proudly on game day, they ensure to wear their team spirit on every Friday beforehand along with any other time that seems reasonable throughout the year.

To celebrate the Superbowl and our reigning champs, Jenny Keller from has whipped up some delicious Seahawks inspired cake pops to make and enjoy for game day! Check out the video below to follow along and impress all of your friends. If you for some reason are cheering on the Patriots instead, then you’re on your own. Just kidding.. Just change out the colors to make these cake pops for all occasions.. or teams.

January 23, 2015KCBphotography5January 23, 2015KCBphotography8

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