Chris’s Corner: Watch Me Dance!



Hello everyone!

Well Des, my wife, and I are back from getting married and our honeymoon and we couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t checked out the pictures from the wedding yet you should! They are available in US Weekly. Life and Style has pictures from the honeymoon as well. You are probably thinking to yourself, “What are Chris and Des going to do now that they are married?” Well let me tell you. It’s back to normal life for us…and DANCING! There are a lot of firsts we are experiencing this year together. We got married, that was a first. We honeymooned, that was a first. The Seahawks are in the Superbowl… that’s a second!!!

And I am doing a pseudo Dancing with the Stars only a Seattle version to help raise money for a great cause.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.41.37 PM

Seattle Dances is the name and Plymouth Housing is the organization that is putting on the competition. Des and I really connected with this organization last year and felt that they were doing their best to make a difference in the Seattle community. Plymouth housing is a local nonprofit that helps with homelessness here in Seattle. My goals are the following so that we, as a Bachelor community, can have an impact!

  1. Win the Competition. This is done multiple ways.
    1. You can vote for me online here and donate $5 in support of my crazy good dance moves. Vote Here Please!
    2. I can get a bunch of support the night of the event.
    3. I can win the Dance competition outright from the voting of the judges.

Check out my Facebook page where you can see up to date action on my dancing lessons and skills… Here is the Facebook link! Chris Can’t Dance Facebook Page

Facebook will be the best place to see the most recent videos.


Alright Corner followers this is where I sign off. My goal is to raise $20k this year and I would love if you could help support with a $5 donation. Here is the link one more time 🙂   Vote Here Please!

Thanks and see you on the corner,


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