Beauty: Nighttime Skin Care Regimen



So it’s the end of a long day. You have been up all day working, running errands, taking the kids to all their activities, cooking dinner, doing homework, getting stuff ready for the next day, etc. I know how busy you all can be, and all you want to do is crash into your bed when the day is over. But, no matter how exhausted you may be, you should always remember to pamper yourself a bit before bed. You deserve it!

A great skin care regimen is an opportunity to feed your skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Our cells regenerate faster when we are sleeping. If our pores are clogged with bacteria or makeup, instead of repairing, we are causing acne and build-up.

Not to mention, there are layers and layers of dead skin cells on the surface that we can slowly start to remove every night to reveal your best glowing skin underneath! Don’t think of a night time skin care regimen as a chore, think of it as a time to pamper yourself and to keep your skin looking healthy. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling your best, when you see your skin glowing in the AM. I promise you!

Also, remember to get those 8 hours of sleep so both your mind AND body are feeling good!

XO Cass


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