Travel: Mountain Town Retreat



It’s that time of year!  Mountain towns across the world are booming with avid skiers and snowboarders seeking some good POW!  But what about those individuals who do not wish to cruise the slopes?  I love to ski, but this is just one of the many things to enjoy.  These highly sought after snow peaked towns should be considered a prime travel destination for any and all individuals looking for a rejuvenating winter escape!

  •  These glittering snow villages boast a huge variety of activities to indulge the senses.  Check out my top picks for a fabulous snowy retreat.
  • Visit the local java joint and chat with the locals to learn what is on their “must-do” list
  • Take a scenic ride on the Gondola up for lunch on the mountain and soak up the stunning views
  • Stay warm and stylish! Find fancy Fo Furr and Pendleton’s finest fabrics while window shopping downtown
  • Put your feet up and get cozy by one of the many outdoor fireplaces… believe me you will find one
  • Rent snowshoes and enjoy a leisurely winter hike through the trees
  • Join all the ski bunnies for hot-totties at an Apres-ski hot-spot
  • Treat yourself to dinner at the finest restaurant… these charming towns always attract world-class chefs
  •  Ensure an epic dose of adrenaline by renting snowmobiles and racing through themountainside
  • Attempt to book a dog-sled ride if available for an original winter experience
  • Feel the beat by seeking out the live music scene for some rustic blue grass tunes
  • Start feeling happy and taste test your way through a brewery tour
  • Take a relaxing soak in an all-natural hot spring or pamper yourself at the spa to detox your body after the over-indulgences of any good vacation


Hope these tips help get you in the spirit for a blissful winter mountain holiday!




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