Jillian Harris’s Home Decor for Valentine’s Day




Jillian Harris here!! I am SO thrilled to be contributing to Desiree’s site!

For those of you who don’t remember me, I was on The Bachelor season 13, and then The Bachelorette season 5. Yes, I got engaged, no we are not together anymore, but that is old news! I am happy, and loving life, with a wonderful man, we just adopted the most wonderful puppy Nacho Cilantro (you’ve got to follow him on instagram!)  I work pretty hard at maintaining www.jillianharris.com, commute every week from Vancouver to my hometown Kelowna while filming my third year of LOVE IT OR LIST IT VANCOUVER (in Canada), but it also airs in the states and goes by the name LOVE IT OR LIST IT TOO!  Have you watched it?


For my first post, I wanted to share how I added a feminine, lovely touch to my Vancouver home for Valentines Day! People always ask why I always decorate with so much white. Well, first of all, it might SEEM like all white, but I warn you, if you want to go TRULY all white, it will look too clinical. The trick to going with a white space is mixing whites with neutrals, creams, oatmeals, golds, silvers, blacks, greys!

Don’t forget about different patterns and many textures! That way your ‘white space’ will still feel warm and inviting! I LOVE a space that is BRIGHT, FRESH and AIRY… a white space just FEELS clean, and personally I’d rather be able to see the dirt and clean it rather than have it hidden! If you are still afraid of going all ‘light’… then opt for a darker grey or brown couch and keep your HARD finishes in the lighter colour spectrum so they are easier to wipe down.


But, another reason I love to decorate in a crisp white pallet, is because I LOVE to change my mind… and do so seasonally! It allows me to add a punch of colour or change the personality of the space whenever I want! At this time of year… I’m all about adding pink feminine touches. Gotta get that house feeling full of love for a little bow-chicka-bow-bow on Valentines Day!! bahahha!!

To achieve this look, layer some creams, with a variety of pink hues, textures and prints. Don’t worry about being too matchy matchy, it’s great when it looks like the pieces have evolved over time! Fresh flowers are key… and for me NO RED ROSES!! OMG I have had enough of those! Mixing in white tulips with some light pink spray roses gives an unconventional yet timeless spin on Valentines day!

Check out what I’ve done with my place for Valentines Day… would you LOVE it??



Coffee Table Tray   //   Floor Lamp   //   Moroccan Pouf   //   Pink Triangle Pillows   //   Grey Pillows   //   Pink Chair   //  Shell Bowl   //   Glass Coffee Table   //   Decorative Shells   //   Vintage Books   //   Vintage Trophy   //    Vintage White Vase   //   Silver Tray   //   Mirror   //    Pink Glasses   //   Sofa   //   Rug   //   Pink Throw Blanket   //   Blush Pillow on Sofa   //   Candle Holder   //   Tulips  // Side Table



Heart bake sheet   //   Tartlet Baking Set   //   Wood Cutting Board   //   Glass Container   //   Vases   //  Decorative Bowl



White Fluffy Pillow   //   Decorative Dish   //   Bed Frame   //   Duvet Cover   //   Sheet Set   //   Blue Candle   //   Vases   //   Night Stand   //   Throw Blanket   //   Light on Nightstand   //  White Quilt   //  Stag Head  //   Duvet   //   Metal desk chair   //  Vintage Books   //   Chair



Gold Heels   //   White Dresser   //   Gold Tray   //   Bench   //   Desk Lamp   //   Heart Image   //   Shoe Storage   //   Jewelry Stand   //   Jewelry Bowl

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