Get Fit: Healthy Treats



Alright, we’re officially into 2015 and you’ve started working on your new fitness and health goals, but it’s harder than you thought it would be. Typical! If it were going to be easy, you would have maintained this same goal LAST year!

First of all, get the “diet” mentality out of your mind. It’s just a negative word if you ask me! I think of it as sprucing up your meals a  bit, kind of like a spring -cleaning.  After the holidays, I usually have a lingering sweet tooth since my body got used to the sugary treats I was indulging in a little too much! 😉

Well, one of MY New Year’s resolutions was not to deprive myself of what my body is telling me it wants. Here are a few treats that I like to eat when I’m craving something sweet:


Acai Bowls

These babies are my absolute FAVORITE! The mixture of frozen fruit, granola, and shredded coconut is everything I love in one delicious bite! You can find these at most of your local smoothie bars or you could make your own at home.

Dark Chocolate!

I’ve always been a fan of dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate, but sometimes it can be an acquired taste since it’s a little bitter. This treat is a life saver when you’re craving something sweet since you can keep it on hand.

Frozen grapes or bananas!

Frozen grapes are amazing just on their own. They taste like bite sized smoothies! After I freeze bananas, I like to slice them and put them on a rice cake, along with honey and almond butter.   You can also make clean eating “ice-cream” with frozen bananas!  Here’s the simple recipe:


3 frozen ripe bananas

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

Blend together and voila! You can choose to add in cacao powder for a chocolate flavor, or top with a drizzle of almond butter and crushed pretzels (one of my favorite flavors).  Sometimes I add a splash of almond or coconut milk into the blender.  Adding your favorite healthy milk is optional and will make the ice cream a little less thick.


Remember, these are definitely cleaned up sweet treats. HOWEVER, moderation is going to be key to reaching health and fitness goals. Don’t go crazy, but don’t deprive your body of what it wants! Now, go enjoy some sweet treats… GUILT-FREE!

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