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By Caitlin Jackson  // Follow on Instagram at @Wayfaringypsy

 Have you ever been on a trip and find yourself acting differently than you do on a daily basis and wondered WHY?  Are you more apt to talk to new people, be spontaneous, and do things that are a little more daring?

Being in a foreign place where people don’t know you and you are unfamiliar with your surroundings can make us vulnerable… and in some cases this can be very exciting!   Being out of our comfort zone can enable us to discover new things that enlighten us and bring us JOY.  We allow ourselves to behave with our instincts and think less about how we are being judged or what is expected of us.  Our sense of wonderment is rejuvenated as we become filled with curiosity.  There is a genuine sense of freedom that encourages us to act organically and live in the moment.


?Traveling can be a source of discovery that makes us AWARE of what we should be seeking out more often in our everyday life and what things really spark a fire within us.  There is a natural tendency to let life get a bit monotonous, but each of us has the CHOICE to live every day as if we are on vacation.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s quote, “Not all those who wander are lost”, represents the idea that we can live life with the INTENTION to get a little LOST and see what manifests!  That wandering from our norms is healthy and eye opening.  It is ok to consciously test out life’s possibilities in order to find our balance.  So embrace the idea of making life a never-ending adventure and start living every day to the fullest without limits!

What will you do today?

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