Get Fit: Holiday Recovery Workout


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Holiday Recovery Workout

By: Jackie Parr // Follow on Instagram at @Jackie_Parr

Ok, so the holidays are over, and like most of us, you probably overindulged in some holiday treats. I definitely enjoyed some of my favorites, but that’s what holidays are about, letting loose with friends and family! Instead of feeling guilty or remorseful for any damage done, just jump back on track with my 30 minute full body exercise routine.

Note: In the pictures below Yianni is performing the step-ups with more advanced weight, but remember, you can use dumbbells or no weight for beginners!

#1. We’re going to start with everybody’s favorite… BURPEES!

To amp it up a bit, after you do your push up, pick up some weights (5-10 lbs or whatever is comfortable for you) and go into an overhead press.


#2. Medicine ball slams.

Great way to get out some aggression and also tone up arms, back, core and even legs. Bring the ball above your head and slam as hard as you can to the ground. (Make sure you’re in an area that’s a little more secluded!)


#3. Step ups.

These are great to get that tush toned!  With weights in both hands, alternate legs stepping up onto a bench, or use the step up machine in the gym. I typically use 15 lbs in each hand, but start out with a lower weight and work your way up.


#4. The last thing we’re going to do is jump squats.

Starting in a squat position (feet shoulder width apart), you’re going to jump up and land back into the squat position being careful to land softly to avoid injuries.


Do as many of each that you can in 1 minute intervals, and try to do 4-5 rounds. It’s ok if you can’t complete a full minute or if you can’t do a full set of 4 rounds the first day. Remember, always keep your core tight and really focus on form rather than reps and weight.

Find these workout necessities and my gear below:

Lululemon Tank  //   Lululemon cotton pants   //   Nike Running Shoes   //   Medicine Ball   //     Dumbell Weight   //  Stopwatch

(This is also a workout that you could do in the house if you can’t make it to the gym!)



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