Travel: like a ‘Bachelor’ Producer


Istanbul Turkey(Istanbul, Turkey)

There are very few people in this world that have the incredible opportunity to travel the world while producing one of the most popular shows on prime time. One of those people happen to be my friend and producer while on ‘The Bachelorette’, Cassie Scalettar.

Cassie was such a pleasure to be around during my “journey to find love” on ‘The Bachelorette’. Not only was she the best tour guide and travel partner, she made the process comfortable and fun! You would never know it by her calm, cool, collected, go-with-the-flow personality, but she was pregnant while the filming of my season and not once complained about any discomfort. It was amazing! Made me appreciate every little thing and inconvenience that much more.

On a boat with Desiree(Antigua)

I enjoyed the stories we would tell, the ever growing belly, and experiencing all of the beautiful sights in each country we visited. She has seen so many wonderful places from being a television producer that I had to find out some of her favorite locations, must see places, and what it’s like to travel for work. The amount of adventures may surprise you!

1.) How many seasons of ‘The Bachelor’/ ‘The Bachelorette’ were you a part of as a producer? 

I started in early 2007 on season 10, when Andy Baldwin was the Bachelor.  I have produced eight Bachelor seasons and six Bachelorette seasons total and I was the cast producer for the lead for nine of those.  I traveled internationally in some capacity for each one, but our travel has definitely increased in the last few years (which disappoints some of those earlier Bachelor and Bachelorette casts that missed out on the globe-trotting!)

Canal in Interlaken, switzerland(Canal in Interlaken, Switzerland)

2.) How many countries in all, have you visited?

I have worked in 32 countries for this show.  (Listed below in no particular order)

South Africa, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong (China), New Zealand, Curacao, Barbados, Anguilla, Bahamas, Bermuda, St. Lucia, Belize, Mystique, St. Croix, Germany, Antigua, Iceland, Turkey, Tahiti, Fiji

Turkish Spice Market(Turkish Spice Market)

For other shows, charity work, or for pleasure, I have also traveled to:

Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan,Wales, Netherlands, Scotland

So 38 total.

in a helicopter in New Zealand(In helicopter over New Zealand)

3.) Of all the places you have traveled, where would you like to go back?

There are so many!  I really looked at my Bachelor travel as a scout trip to where I would like to revisit.  I didn’t get much personal time while shooting in these locations so there are many countries I’m eager to revisit so I can truly explore.  One is Turkey. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of Istanbul.  I would love more time to explore Hong Kong as well.  Croatia and Prague were two places that I didn’t really know what to expect and they were incredible.  I would be eager to spend some summer time in Iceland, and more time along the coast of Croatia… or maybe off the coast on a yacht 😉  When my daughter is older I would love to take her to New Zealand.  It is magical.

Mountaintop in Queenstown New Zealand(New Zealand)

4.) What was your absolute favorite location?

That is so hard to answer!  And I feel like I am dissing so many incredible locations by choosing just one!  I guess my favorite city would be Barcelona.  There is an energy there that I haven’t been able to capture anywhere else.  And if I’m already in Spain, I may as well include Seville, another one of my favorite places on earth.

Fiji with Ashley Hebert (now Rosenbaum)(Fiji)

5.) What was your least favorite location?

I don’t think I can contractually answer that question!  I am so appreciative of any opportunity to travel that I really can’t think of a place that I didn’t like.  I always manage to get something out of a trip, whether it is the food, the culture, the locals, the shopping, or the landscape.  And I love sending my dad a postcard from every place I go (he has been sworn to secrecy until the show airs 😉 )

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi(Favorite Hotel ever: Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi)

6.) Where have you not traveled yet that you would like to go?

I really want to go to Ireland. And Santorini, Greece (I’m a sucker for the whitewashed stone houses!)   And India.  And Australia.  And Morocco.  And Peru.  And Jerusalem.  And Brazil.  There are so many!!  And I have a handful of US destinations on my list too, the top three being Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Charleston, South Carolina.

Thailand Parasol Painters(Thailand Parasol Painters)

7.) From your traveling experience, what would be the best location for a friends retreat or getaway?

If you don’t want to travel far, but still want to go somewhere exotic, Iceland would be a really fun place to go with some friends.  I would recommend a road trip there since the landscape is so incredible and you could stop at geothermal hot springs along the way.  And don’t forget to see the Northern Lights!  There is a really fun nightlife scene in Reykjavik and the locals are some of the nicest people (that love to party) that I’ve ever met.  I feel the same way about Queenstown, New Zealand (though it’s a much longer trip!).  It has some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.  When I look at photos from my trip I sometimes question whether they are even real!  If you have the opportunity, a safari in South Africa should be on everyone’s list.

with cast in Croatia(With cast in Croatia)

8.) How about the most romantic location to go for honeymoon or vacation?

If you are a beach person, I would probably say Tahiti.  It’s just one of the most unbelievably beautiful and peaceful places on earth.  Be sure to stay in an overwater bungalow and take advantage of snorkeling during the day and stargazing every night.  St. Lucia is another ideal honeymoon spot.  Waking up to views of the Pitons is a nice way to start any marriage.  If you prefer to be a bit more cosmopolitan, Paris is incredibly romantic.

Tahiti sunsets(Tahiti)

9.) What are a few of your travel must haves?

An adaptor, an eye mask/headphones for the plane, a map and translator app, and some local currency so when you land you can travel to your hotel like a pro and tip the bellman.

glacier in switzerland holding drinks for cast(Switzerland)

10.) What advice would you give to anyone taking a trip this year?

Chill out at the airport.  I see so many stressed out families and partners at the airport and I feel so bad that they are starting or ending their vacation with such negativity.  Traveling can bring some unforeseen obstacles, so just be somewhat prepared for long security lines, crowded baggage claims, delays, etc.  Groaning about it only makes it worse for you and the people around you.  On a lighter note, push yourself to try the local cuisine.  I see way too many Americans at Starbucks and McDonalds in European countries.

Get your coffee at a café, and find out where the locals eat, and then go there.  Also, one of the best things about traveling is getting lost.  You always find the coolest stuff that way or create some of the most memorable trips.  Put down the map and your itinerary for a day and just explore (safely, of course).  Learn a few basic words in the native language where you are traveling.  It goes a long way with the locals and is respectful to at least try to speak their language.  Especially since everyone seems to know ours!

Georgia in Tulum at cast house for Bachelor in Paradise(Baby Georgia in Tulum, Mexico)

11.) You were pregnant with your (adorable!!) daughter Georgia while filming a season of ‘The Bachelorette’. What advice would you give pregnant women while traveling or mothers while traveling with their kids?

I was pregnant on your season to be exact, and I’m so happy you were the cast member for that experience.  You were such fantastic support for me even though we all know you had enough of your own drama happening!

So if you’re traveling pregnant or with kids, do it with supportive friends or family that don’t make you feel like you or your children are a burden.  If you’re pregnant, drink lots of water on the plane and move around often!  If traveling with kids, do some research before you go to find some local kid-friendly places or activities.  I have a friend who takes his kids to the local libraries to hang out and they always meet the coolest locals and learn about other fun things taking place in the area.

I love visiting neighborhood parks with Georgia so she can play with local kids.  I also recommend having a stash of food in your bag just in case you find yourself lost or after hours without anything to eat!  Oh!  And one cool thing we’ve been doing since Georgia was born is bringing a flight logbook for her to have the pilots sign on each flight.  I found this one online ( and love it.  Georgia just took her 42ndflight (she is 17 months old)!  Lucky kid!

Venice Canal with Georgia on Andi's season(Venice Canal with Georgia)

12.) What has been the greatest aspect of working on ‘The Bachelor’?

I was fortunate enough to work alongside my husband, which meant we were able to travel to all these amazing places together.  And now we get to bring our daughter along as well!

With Pete on mountaintop in Switzerland(Cassie and her husband, Pete, in Switzerland)

And that, my friends, is how you travel like a ‘Bachelor’ producer! Need I say more.

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