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Tasos Hernandez  first appeared on the last season of ‘The Bachelorette’ before making an appearance on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ this past summer. What is ironic is that I actually grew up in the same area as Tasos in Colorado and first met him when we worked at Outback Steakhouse together in high school. Haha. Who knew we would both give The Bachelor/ Bachelorette a try 10 years later.

Tasos is a wedding DJ for Elite DJ in Colorado and will be mixing some tunes for our upcoming wedding. There is so much to know before choosing the music for your wedding or hiring your DJ and it’s important to know what to expect. Tasos answers all the questions a bride needs to know about her wedding music and of course the top 10 songs to play at the reception!

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What should a bride expect when hiring her dj?

Going to an initial consultation with a DJ/MC should always be a comfortable and stress free experience. There is a great deal of variety and it is important to have an idea of what you would like out of your DJ/MC as you go into any meeting. When looking, you should always consider the DJ/MC as an extension of yourself. This person should be a reflection of your personalities and be able relate to your vision of your night. An exceptional DJ/MC will also understand the importance of communication, not only with you and your guests but with everyone who is involved behind the scenes. Communication with your photographers, caterers, planners, etc. will ensure that all your important moments happen seamlessly.


How far in advance should a bride book a DJ for her wedding?

Booking an exceptional DJ/MC can prove to be fairly difficult depending on their reputation. Looking at reviews and comments can be a great way to find your ideal DJ, but understand that the better the reviews, the more difficult it may be to book them. So make sure to start the search early. It is common for DJ/MC’s to be booked out a year in advance, especially if they provide a quality service.


From your experience what are the top 10 songs to include during the reception?

There are many events of the reception that require a special song. I always like to encourage couples to choose songs that have some significant meaning to them. Having said this, there are a few songs that have been requested more frequently than others. Below is a list of songs that I have been frequently requested in 2014 and all of them are fantastic for the dance floor!

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

“Shout” by Isley Brothers (Super cliche but always a great way to start the party! )

“Single Ladies” by Beyoncé

“Everything” by Michael Bublé

“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”– Michael Jackon

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars

“The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra

“Lucky” by Jason Mraz

“Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake (Definitely a party song for later in the evening)

“Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift


What should a bride budget for her music? Typical price range?

Depending on your specific needs, you may spend anywhere between $1500-$2500 for an exceptional DJ/MC. Make sure to know what is included with their price (setup, equipment, taxes, etc). Many times DJ’s will have “off peak” pricing for non Saturday weddings and especially for weddings outside of the popular May-October months.


What is some advice when choosing music?

When creating a unique playlist for your reception it is important to choose songs that have some significant meaning to the two of you and all parties involved.

When creating a unique playlist for your dance floor, make sure to communicate your musical style with your DJ and keep an open mind for all your guests. Some people have a very unique taste in music and it is important for a good DJ to recognize and incorporate it into the dance floor.

If you decide to leave the music selection in the hands of your DJ, it would be beneficial to understand how they manage the dance floor. A great DJ has the ability to explain their process and how they can read and gauge their audience to ensure a packed dance floor.


What are some frequently asked questions that brides tend to forget?

There are many questions that seem to be overlooked and having a meeting with your DJ before your day can help avoid many of these oversights.

Do you charge for set up and break down?

What equipment do you provide?

What do you need us to provide for you?

How do you approach our guest on and off the microphone?

Do you take requests? If so, what’s your process on handling them?

How do you manage the dancefloor?

Will you communicate with the other vendors throughout the night?

Don’t hesitate to ask your DJ to elaborate if you are curious. Communication is vital to making sure that your day runs smoothly.


What’s your favorite wedding song to play?

I personally do not have a preference to any one song. In my experience I have found that I am more drawn to the moments that are created. When managing the dancefloor, I always search for the best combination of songs that keep the dance floor packed and the bride and groom happy.My biggest compliment at the end of the night is to see the bride and groom smiling, out of breathe and dripping sweat.


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