Journey to Self Discovery

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As we begin 2015, there is a new year of goals, adventures, fears and desires to be conquered. What kind of person do you want to work towards becoming and what kind of life do you want to start living? We are all molding our dreams into a reality throughout the course of our life as we learn what those things are. It is our nature to strive forward to become more innately ourselves as we establish our character to represent a person we are proud of.

In my personal journey, I have found that some of my most defining moments have come through traveling. I am able to test my limits and it always ends with some self discovery. Whether it was backpacking alone through Fiji, climbing a 14’er in 8 ft of snow and 60 mph winds, or volunteering my nursing skills in a small village of Nepal… I have felt empowered. Participation in a world outside your everyday norm can really engage a force of self empowerment.


This journey of self discovery is a very individualized endeavor. Setting up a scheduled trip to focus on specific goal you are trying to incorporate is helpful and usually an absolute blast! If you are looking to test your willpower, maybe you need to sign up for a white water rafting trip down the grand canyon, Bunji jump in New Zealand or trek the pacific coast trail.

If you are hoping to find some inner peace and get closer to your own truth, then maybe you need a meditation yoga retreat in Brazil or a spa escape in Mexico just to have time with your own thoughts. If searching to make an impact somehow, then volunteer your expertise in an area of the world that strikes a cord in you, to touch even a single life will forever fill both your hearts.


There are such beautiful gifts to be gained from leaving the comforts and security of home and setting your sails to accomplish a pathway to your own soul. This is your year to discover… where will you be off to?

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