Nursery Decor // DIY



Nursery Decor // DIY

Hey you guys + Happy New Year! I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to share my “Mommy Thoughts” on Desiree’s blog! I hope you enjoy + feel free to share your thoughts, tips, ideas + experiences. I’d love to hear about them!

The moment my husband and I found out we were welcoming a baby boy into the world, I immediately started nesting, crafting, and thinking about that nursery! Choosing a theme was simple. I’m a die hard beach babe with a love like no other for the ocean, and both my husband and I have Native American ancestors, so naturally, it made sense for us to go beachy mixed with a little tribal flare. Since my vision was a very specific theme, I knew I needed to be extra creative with the DIY projects. Being able to create handmade keepsakes really added some extra love to my son’s nursery, which is always a nice touch! From the wall art down to the crib skirt, mama’s custom flavor was everywhere.

One of my super simple and all time favorite DIY projects I tackled recently is his feather mobile! It is really such a beautiful addition that is very much a necessity in any nursery. Loved the fact that I was able to find feathers that matched his bedding perfectly, too.


•An embroidery hoop // the size chosen is really a personal preference (and remember, you’re only going to use the inside piece).


•Colored Feathers // Cruelty-free if you can find them! FYI – If you’re unable to find the right colors, you can always paint them yourself! Just let them dry really well before assembling your mobile.

•Clear Crafting Wire

•Burlap // I wrapped the embroidery hoop with burlap to give it more of a rustic look.

•Twine // I mixed in strands of twine and hung a small selection of feathers with it, giving the mobile some depth and allowing for some extra visibility throughout the mobile. I also used the twine for hanging.

•Hot Glue Gun

•Hanger w/ 2 clips (optional)

•Sewing Needle // You will need this to thread the crafting wire through the open end of the feathers.

•Ceiling Hook


Step 1: Wrap your embroidery hoop with the burlap. Make sure it’s nice and snug. Use your hot glue gun to secure.

photo 2

Step 2: Tie (and hot glue once you’ve firmly decided on placement) 3-6 long strands of twine to the hoop. You’ll want to wrap several times and knot, ensuring that it’s secure. Make sure you make these strands are long enough to reach your ceiling.

OPTIONAL Step 3: Temporarily hang the hoop so it’s mounted horizontally. Use the 3 twine top pieces to hang from the hanger. Be sure to use a hanger with two clips. Clamping the clips to an open cabinet vertically. (see pic) This really just acted as a 2nd set of hands.

photo 4

Step 4: You will want to cut and run different lengths of the crafting wire for the feathers, so the strands won’t all be the same length. Add your feathers to each strand using a needle to either pierce the thick, bottom part of the feather, or if your feather has an opening at the tail end, run the needle through and back out the other side.

Then you will double knot and glue the wire to the feather. (try not to get any glue on your feathers) You may begin to tie the feathered strands on one at a time. Remember to really take your time. Back up, and get a good look as you work. You want your mobile to look somewhat symmetrical.

photo 3

Step 5: Once you have determined the placement of the wire strands, go ahead and wrap, knot, and hot glue each strand to the inside of your hoop.

Step 6: To hang, simply use a ceiling hook.

So there you have it! Maybe even try putting your own flavor + spin on your feather mobile to make it a little more you! Every day our world and the people in it somehow find a way to top the charts of creativity. Be a part of it:)

photo 1


Thank you so much for checking out my post, and feel free to share your DIY feather mobile pics with us!

Love + Hugs


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