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What scares you?  Figure that out and then hurry up and go DO IT!  There is nothing more exhilarating and fulfilling than doing something that terrifies you!

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and when I come across something that gives me butterflies I set out to accomplish it.  I went to Nepal for a medical volunteer trip a few years ago.  I knew I would have limited free time due to our service project and doing a trek through the Himalayas was not an option, but I wasn’t traveling halfway across the world to not come home with a good story.   I needed to do something remarkable!

A few months before the trip I found an article in the New York Times about falconing in Nepal.  This involved paragliding alongside falcons that reached 5 meters in length across their wing span.  I had never been paragliding so this seemed to be the perfect choice.

Filled with anticipation, I traveled from the small village I was volunteering in to the town of Pokhara.  From there I arranged to have a guide drive me up the side of the Annapurna mountains where I would proceed to run and jump off the side of a cliff.  WHOA!! I got to the edge of that cliff and stared out at the massive mountain range surrounding me with huge gusts of wind blustering in my face and I felt that fear rise up in my belly. Running off that cliff and waiting for the wind to catch hold of the kite was purely the most incredible moment of my life.


I was in AWE to be FLYING.  The scenery was breathtaking with the snow-covered mountains surrounding us and the pristine blue of Phewa lake below us…  I was speechless.  Huge FALCONS were flying by my side that could tear our kite at any moment if they got too close.   But I wasn’t scared anymore! I was completely enamored with the moment and the once in a lifetime experience I was participating in. A smile did not leave my face!

As my feet landed safely on the ground, I felt full of gratitude and was on a total adrenaline HIGH.  I was thrilled that I had set out to do something that truly scared me and it ended up being the single most exhilarating experience of my entire life.  There was pure JOY in conquering that FEAR!

What will you do in this new year to conquer your fear!?


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