The Bachelor Bracket: Chris Soules



Welcome to another season of ‘The Bachelor’! Who is ready to get started!?!

I know I am! I am excited to see more of farmer Chris Soule’s personality as the lead and to meet the various ladies that will be (clawing) vying for his heart! He seems like a genuine, all-American guy that knows how to treat a lady. With his small town charm and good looks I have a feeling this season will be a lot like watching a Nicholas Sparks film more than anything. With that said, you will be able to find me wine in hand with a box of tissues every Monday night. I do hope there are some quality women for Chris to choose from along with a mix of ladies that will keep it entertaining. There’s always one in the bunch.

Head over to to meet the ladies we will be introduced to next week as ‘The Bachelor’ premieres and get a head start on your bracket! From a flight attendant to a high school soccer coach to a wedding cake decorator, I am sure there will be a lot that goes down in the coming weeks.

Follow along as I fill in my top picks for Chris. Share your picks below or on Twitter and let’s see who can get the most points! No cheating or spoilers, let’s have fun with it! 😉

PRINT the BRACKET off Here:   BachelorBracket


xo Des

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