Cherry Red Wedding Inspiration



Given the fact that it is Christmas Eve and that for the last few weeks we have been focused all things red and green I’m topping it all off with some fun cherry red wedding inspiration.

Vanessa and David’s Connecticut wedding vows were more than a beautiful union of marriage but showcased an array of great red details that are perfect for any wedding.  Feast your eyes on all the red hue goodness and have a fabulous Christmas Day tomorrow!

Conklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks287_lowConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks489_lowConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks50_lowConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks419_loweConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks492_lowfConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks20_lowaConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks500_lowbConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks35_lowdConklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks517_low Conklin_Bausch_Jae_Studios_DavidVanessaGalleryPicks521_low

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  • That was probably the most beautiful wedding I ever went to. 🙂 The vows made me cry. P.S. Saw your season and you’re such a super sweet gal.