Des’s Weekly: Kindness



It amazes me each day the amount of negative opinions that are offered under a person’s social media post or image that I notice from day to day. The saddest part is that it is women leaving mean comments under one another’s posts rather than building each other up. I realize that there is freedom of speech and people use that relentlessly when offering a cruel comment or opinion on appearance but when does it become enough.

I love Proverbs 31:26 as it reminds us to open our mouth with wisdom and to teach with kindness. That is to be kind to one another and to share our wisdom so that we all may learn and grow, rather than knock each other down. To become cognizant of what we are posting, commenting and saying to other women. God is our one and only judge in this lifetime so I beg to ask the question, why do we feel so entitled to share our own negative opinions on someone’s outfit, facial features, love interest, or lifestyle?

Let’s focus on our own life and put ourself in check before we go and rip on someone else’s life today. As women hurt one another with thoughtless words, we end up as a gender of brokenness rather than empowerment. Let’s change that and say something nice to our friends, strangers, family, co-workers, and those on social media. Kindness can prevail.

Have a blessed Sunday!




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