Chris’s Corner: The Best Gift Ever



Hey Everyone!

With Christmas right around the corner…I thought it only be right to talk about gifts on Chris’s Corner this week! See how I did that?

Now I am no scrooge. I love Christmas. I love the holidays! But, I always feel awkward getting gifts. In fact, my family started a tradition a few years ago that will last forever. Instead of buying the adults gifts, we do a white elephant gift exchange. Only instead the gift being a gag gift, we put a higher price tag on the item so that everyone might actually want it or use it!

Growing up this would not have flied though. Obviously haha. To this day it’s hard to remember what my favorite gift was, but one that stands out is a specific remote controlled car that I got for Christmas. I loved remote controlled anything! I really enjoyed building up ramps for the remote control cars I had and seeing how far they could fly! Probably just should have asked for a remote controlled airplane I guess. This car that stands out though had the coolest wheels ever. The faster the car went, the more compressed the wheels would get. It had a sleek, slender body for the frame and two wheels up front that were just slightly closer than the back two.

My parents have a deck on the back of our house so I thought it would be a good idea to build a ramp for the car to go off of, then jump the car off the ramp off the deck. I even went to the extent of filming this Red Bull Tour stunt. After the car peaked in mid-air, it had about 15 feet to drop! Those cars aren’t meant to handle that kind of impact, so I would have a friend of mine down below ready to catch the car. Needless to say that car didn’t last that long.

Your turn! “You always do this Chris!” I know, I know. But, I want to get you engaged in the corner. What is your favorite gift of all time on Christmas? Or even Chanukah?  Check out some favorite gifts below from our trusty followers on Twitter.  There are some great ideas in there!

I hope you all have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year. Be sure to tune into the Rose Parade on January 1st. Des and I will be there! We will even wave at you!


What is the best gift you ever received!?!


@JamiesTodo:  I received an appreciation box with notes of everything my husband appreciates/loves about me – swoon!

@Meghankerrivan: my KitchenAid Mixer hands down! Made my life so much easier  🙂

@RustiHrgaga:  when my son & daughter-in-law told us they were expecting on Christmas Eve 2012! Love my grandson!

@bigjohn106: I woke up after open heart surgery. Without it, I would have died 30 years ago. Everyday is the greatest gift.

@DemitraSchoen: A slip n slide!

@ErinGommer:  my fiancé proposed last Christmas Eve. Using my favourite box of chocolates to hide my ring in. Turtles!

@Ashleylhodnett: my little sister bought me every season of Boy Meets World. It made me cry because we watch it together on tv every summer.

@Whitpopa: Airline miles for a weekend away of my choosing!

@lisabjada: My husband surprised me with the car of my dreams from high school–a 370Z! It was sitting in the driveway Christmas morning!

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