Celebrate the Holidays with Sofia



With the holiday season comes a fondness for memories spent with family and the age-old tradition of giving gifts. There is nothing quite like a gift from a father to his daughter and why the significance felt is so touching.

 Significance and meaning is also why I love Francis Coppola wine so much. To bring incredible taste with meaningful moments is an art in itself and must be admired! There is a story and meaning behind each wine collection made and when I heard the story behind their sparkling wine Sofia Blanc de Blancs, I just had to try it!


Francis first created the Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine as a gift from father to daughter and represents a celebration of love and femininity. While having breakfast in Paris, Francis noticed a decorative jar of jam that was sitting on the table that instantly became the inspiration for the label. How perfect is that!

My favorite part about the Sofia Blanc de Blancs, aside from the taste and the first ever wine in a can, is the perfectly pink cellophane wrapping that the bottle comes in which resembles Sofia’s favorite flower, the peony. Such thoughtfulness was put into the wine and presentation that paints an image of love from a father to his daughter.


Along with the bottle, the innovative little cans that this Sofia wine comes in is the perfect treat to take with you to a holiday party as a gift to the host or keep around for any celebration. So easy and convenient I may have to keep these little cans all year round! Not to mention, I recently took these cans to a holiday party and they were the hit of the night!



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Head to their website now to get your mini cans or a beautiful bottle to share with a loved one before the New Year! www.FrancisCoppolaWinery.com



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