Chris’s Seattle Birthday Stay-cation



Birthdays are the best time to spoil your significant other and a time to make some memories!  Chris’s birthday was last Friday and all I wanted to do was make sure he had the best time, filled with love and laughs. We had his work holiday party to attend the night of his birthday but that didn’t keep us from having a weekend long adventure celebrating his big 2-9.

Saturday morning we slowly woke up and I made him some breakfast of ham and eggs with pancakes. He loves breakfast and you can’t have a full day without a full stomach. Nobody likes a ‘hangry’ fiancé.

We then got ready and headed to the W Seattle Hotel. It’s so wonderful because we only live about 15 minutes from downtown but the second we valeted our car and walked into the stunning hotel we were immediately relaxed and in a vacation state of mind.


The Living Room of the W Seattle Hotel was spectacular with the lounge seating and fireplace. My favorite part was the record walls that looked so real. (see below).


I went with their Secrets in Seattle package that offered a $25 Visa gift card, 2 cool cocktails, an upgrade to a spectacular room, free internet, and a customized itinerary from their W insider.

I was able to plan out a fun-filled weekend for him while we stayed at the W Seattle with the help of Tom, the W insider for the hotel. He helped me out a lot by offering great recommendations and suggestions of where to go and what to do. Even though Seattle is my home, I have only been here for a little over a year and still have a lot to learn about this wonderful city.

The room was huge and the view was perfect with some water views of the Puget Sound and the city. Chris had some fun posing for me and giving me his best ‘Blue steel’. Isn’t he handsome!

DSC_0300 25

We had some holiday shopping to get to which was within walking distance. Of course we had to walk around and see what our favorite stores had to offer.  As we strolled the streets and stopped into stores, the holiday cheer was floating in the air and the excitement around us was infectious. In the shopping area of downtown they had a gigantic lighted Christmas tree, some pop-up shops and a carousel for all of the kiddos to ride. It was fun to walk hand in hand with my love as we celebrated another birthday for him.

The memories we were creating were just getting started.


After we decided to take a break and grab a bite at Yardhouse (I’m some what in love with their Chicken Tortilla soup), we were treated to one of the most invigorating and relaxing couple massages at Ummelina Spa. It was great because the spa is conveniently located near all of the shopping and we didn’t have to worry about getting a cab or lugging our bags far.

The spa started out with a much needed foot soak and massage while Chris and I sipped on hot tea in our comfortable robes and chatted about our day. The hour long full body massage was exactly what we both needed and set our relaxation at an all time high.


Feeling refreshed and in a daze we walked back to the hotel to get ready for the night. I probably looked like a zombie walking back with my hair in a topknot and legs floating on a cloud but nothing could change the euphoria I was in.

When I first moved to Seattle to be with Chris we had stumbled upon this incredible and romantic italian restaurant after an event we attended and what better way to celebrate then go back to that romantic spot. Il Bistro is located in the heart of Pike Place Market and is a gem of a restaurant. The staff are always courteous and nice and the atmosphere is truly authentic. Everything about the place sets the date night mood right, even before the bottle of chianti is poured.


Our italian dinner was as delicious as always and was exactly what the doctor ordered. The hotel is only a few blocks from Il Bistro so walking back (even in heels) was not a problem and actually a nice stroll as the city lit up. We made our way back to the hotel to find a dance party going on at their restaurant and bar, Trace.

The music and DJ were everything a saturday night needs and the holiday parties that just finished up were the best people watching I’ve had in a long time. There is nothing like watching middle aged businessmen get down to Fergie while groping their wives. hahah. Or 49er fans dressed in all of their team’s attire dancing with Seahawk fans. Nothing like a rivalry coming together to show off some dance moves.  It was the best!


Of course Chris and I got down a bit on the dance floor and I helped Chris learn some new moves. He is the most adorable dancer as he bobbles his head back and forth and shakes his hips. Something you would expect from a little boy, not a 6’4″ athlete but still the enormous amount of cute.

We wanted to enjoy a wonderful brunch together the next morning before heading home and needed only to walk downstairs to the restaurant Trace for a delicious meal before the Seahawks game started.


Our weekend stay-cation celebrating Chris’s birthday was one memory we will never forget. I highly recommend doing a stay-cation wherever you are! You feel like your in another world yet only a few miles away so it’s not a hassle getting home and you will always be reminded of those memories as you pass by the places you visited that weekend.

We had the best time at the W Seattle Hotel and the experience was everything we needed for some quality time together while exploring our city. We will definitely be coming back and doing another stay-cation soon!


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