Renee’s Beach House Baby Shower

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Babies are a true blessing… and so are good friends.

The moment Renee told me that she was pregnant I knew that I had to throw her a baby shower that would make her feel right at home. Of course a beach themed party is what I’m talking about. Coming from Florida she loves the ocean and beach just as much as I do and why planning this for her was a breeze!

Being able to have it at Trophy Cupcakes & Party Room was fabulous too since I wouldn’t have been able to fit everyone at my place nor wanted to have a mess to clean up! 😉 The white walls of the party room were the perfect canvas to create a setting Renee and all of her friends would enjoy. Now join us in this special day for Renee as I break down all of the fun we had!


Guests were able to sign in and share some ‘mama-to-be’ advice.  Share your advice with us in the comments, would love to hear!


Setting the tone right with vintage beach images strung on the wall and a ‘baby on board’ invite.


Perfect size space for up to 20 guests.


We played a fun game with necklaces and safety pins that you can find at the end of this post.


Aren’t these Trophy Cupcakes adorable!?!  They were SO good too!


The onsie decorating begins..


A baby shower can’t be a shower without presents of course. Even the winner of the game, Clare, got a prize.


A beach backdrop I painted was the perfect selfie station for everyone to get a photo with Renee.


I am so lucky to have a friend like Renee and can’t wait to meet her bundle of joy, Jax.


A game for your next baby shower:

For Renee’s baby shower we played this game and it was a great, competitive and fun ice breaker for everyone.

  1. Make necklaces out of ribbon/ twine/ chain/ etc. and attach (5) safety pins to the end of each
  2. Create a board that has at least 5-8 ‘baby’ type words on them that are sure to be said throughout the shower. Mine were ‘baby’, ‘pregnant’, ‘cute’, ‘Jax’, ‘cheers’.
  3. When guests arrive have each one put a necklace on and explain the game to them.


  • If caught saying any of the words listed, the person will have to give up one of their pins to the other.
  • Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower received a prize!
  • Feel free to add 2nd and 3rd place too as all guests love to try and win something
  • ENJOY!
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