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In my life there has been struggles, yes, but there has also been many achievements and moments of happiness that outweigh any hard times.  Looking back on my life, I was constantly pursuing my passion for design and bridal. That even meant leaving a good designing job to work hourly with brides as a bridal consultant. My passion to design wedding dresses specifically lead me there and being surrounded by the beautiful gowns and smiling faces of newly engaged brides was all I needed to get to where I wanted to be.

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I first knew that I wanted to design when I was a sophomore in high school. I always loved art and the ability to create, so when I saw a flier in my marketing class for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I knew that was the only school I wanted to attend. Also, it didn’t hurt that it was in California, where I wanted to be. While living in Colorado my entire room was full of palm tree images and decor. Always a Cali girl at heart.

While at FIDM my love for designing dresses grew and my passion for bridal became apparent. I was driven to succeed in the world of fashion, but had many restrictions as a young adult, finding her way in LA. I was on my own, paying my student loans and working full time to get by. Not having the luxury of being able to do any kind of internship to broaden my experience was a huge downfall. (Lesson learned: while in school- do an internship program no matter what the circumstances are.)  It was disheartening to say the least, but that passion inside never died.

photo(some sketches from my time at FIDM- 10 years ago)

After a year or so I was given the opportunity to design at a wonderful plus-size woman’s clothing company, Kiyonna Clothing, after first starting as a production assistant. My time there was everything I needed to learn about production, samples, fittings and how wholesale works. I absolutely loved designing dresses, tops, skirts, etc for plus size women and found an appreciation for the female body. To accentuate curves with flattering silhouettes was the joy of the job and I will forever be grateful for that first opportunity to show what I could do.

The only thing holding me back from staying in a comfortable design job was the fire inside to be in the bridal industry, designing wedding dresses. I worked hard at a few bridal salons. First, in Costa Mesa, CA before heading to a bridal salon in Beverly Hills. The hands on experience I had with brides was rewarding and fun, but made me want to design even more ! While I didn’t have tons of extra time to sketch, I would try to bring out my sewing machine every once in awhile or a canvas to paint on to keep the creativity alive.

P1000022(A painting I did during that time)

Fast forward to an opportunity to join ‘The Bachelor’ family. This was a break for me if anyone could ever have one. I was clueless as to the immense adoration viewers had for the show until once aired, then I quickly found out and couldn’t believe the amazing community of women, teens, and men (yes, even men) that gather every Monday night to watch a dating experiment, while cheering on their favorites. I not only had a great experience on the show, I met the love of my life! It’s incredible how the process does work and why I will give always be thankful for that opportunity.  God opens doors in the most unforeseen places.


My life has forever changed and through that change I have been able to partner with incredible companies that not only give me an opportunity to design and create, but have made my dreams come true.

My wedding gown collection with Maggie Sottero is something I am so proud of and excited to share with everyone. The designs include vintage details I’ve always admired, and the silhouettes cater to a whimsical, free-spirited bride. The team at Maggie Sottero has been so wonderful to work with and their presence in the bridal industry is definitely felt, not only for their innovative designs, but for their family owned and kind spirit. You can find my designs in stores by Jan 2015.


Another collaboration that has been so much fun to work on is my Desiree for KV Bijou jewelry collection. Many may not know but I used to make jewelry and hair accessories back in the day so creating jewelry now with a wonderful person such as Kelsey, the owner of KV Bijou, has been more than I could ask for. We are extremely excited about our unique yet timeless pieces and the semi-precious stones used are the quality we strive for. From a daytime occassion to a wedding day our collection is versatile and speaks to the femininity of a woman. Enjoy browsing our designs at

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All in all, no matter where your life takes you, never forget the passion that lies within. It is never too late to make it come to life or take steps necessary to go along that path. Press on, be inspired and inspire others.


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