Oh What Fun! Christmas Party



Oh what fun it is to party and if anyone knows how to throw a good party better than anyone else, that would be Jenny Keller.

She is the author of ‘Eat More Dessert’ and known for her amazing parties and cookies you can find over at JennyCookies.com . I have had the opportunity to attend a few of her parties and always leave with fun goodies and a smile on my face. What she does is pure genius and why her Favorite Things Christmas Party this year is one that will inspire anyone looking for ideas this holiday season.


For a ‘Favorite Things Party’ every guest brings 4 pieces of their 3 favorite items. Ranges from candles, to lotion, to fashion items and wine. The options are endless and everyone leaves with more than they expected. Best party idea ever!


Time for all of the couples to join in a friendly competition of ginger bread house making! Let’s just say a few had some trouble on this. 😉 A fun activity for all to enjoy regardless of age or skill.

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Photo booths are always a must! Enter into Jenny’s giveaway of items for your next party here. GIVEAWAY

Enjoy this holiday season and share your party ideas below.

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