Love & Sunsets

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Two of my favorite things in the world are not tangible but can be enjoyed for a lifetime… love and sunsets.

Lauren and Jeremy exute happiness and love in their photo session captured by Catrina Earls Photography. The image of romance while this couple frolick in the fields and the beauty of the sunset behind their silhouettes are photos to cherish and adore for many years to come.

A great idea to capture these moments throughout a relationship or marriage and to update your framed photos.

4Felkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0527_lowFelkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0829_low2Felkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0638_low Felkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0628_low Felkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0611_low3Felkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0756_lowFelkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0584_lowFelkel_Davis_Catrina_Earls_Photography_DSC0570_low

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