Give Thanks… to Traditions



As we all may know Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I can’t help but beam with gratefulness. I enjoy this time of year when thankfulness is all around but it shouldn’t be limited to just one day.  I have been sharing my ‘7 Days of Thanks’ on my Instagram this week and will continue to be grateful for all that God has blessed me with each and every day.

I must say that Thanksgiving brings about a warmth and a fondness that only being surrounded by family and food can do. Sitting around the table sharing what we’re thankful for while stuffing our faces with amazing food is the joy of this special day and is what brings us all together to create new traditions. Chris and I will be on our way to Oregon today to spend some quality time with his family for Thanksgiving. Being at his parent’s home, with the fire going and the dogs cuddling nearby is a relaxing retreat for us and we are both looking forward to it.


As a new family tradition we are bringing along our favorite wine to share with everyone and why I made sure to get one of each kind of Francis Ford Coppola’s Votre Santé wine.  You never know if someone will be in the mood for red or white so you have to come prepared. 😉

The Votre Santé wine is full of tasty flavors that all have a delicious lingering finish so I know I can never go wrong with either Chardonnay, a Chateau Red (red blend) or Pinot Noir.  I’m drawn to the significances and meanings behind my favorite product, images and food and ended up loving this wine even more once I learned why it was first created.


Votre Santé was made to pay tribute to Francis’s grandmother who began a family tradition of toasting “a votre santé” meaning “to your health” each time she raised a glass. I love picturing a grandmother leading her family and the table with her toast and enjoy the fact that Francis Coppola is keeping that image and emotion alive. I hope to one day leave a tradition for my own grandkids. Not sure yet what that will be but hopefully I have some time to figure that one out.

Give thanks tomorrow and share a bottle of our favorite Vontre Santé wine with your friends or family. Right now get 15% off your first order, and $5 shipping (no minimum purchase) by using Code: COPPOLA15 at checkout.


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