Chris’s Corner {Groom’s Day}



Welcome to the corner of all corners! My corner.

What I am about to talk about today comes but once in a life time. Well unless you fall subject to the statistics and are part of the 50% of Americans…

Grooms Day! Grooms day should be a day of celebration. I mean, you are about to get married to the person you love and right before that you get to share in the experience with some of your closest friends around. Exciting right? Why don’t grooms have groom’s showers? Grooms sometimes feel like this is a huge responsibility, but as a groomsmen it’s tradition that you get a gift, get to party with your friend who is about to get married and be on stage in front of everyone…what’s not to love right?! Haha.

Check out this example of what to do with your guys while the ladies are at the bridal shower…


The afternoon started with Marcia, a cigar roller from Boston Cigar Factory, who sat with the guys and taught them how to roll cigars.  A beautiful art in a beautiful setting.  The guys followed up the cigar rolling with some cornhole and football and then headed down the bog to a whiskey tasting.  The whiskey tasting was displayed on a handmade table from True North Event Rentals and the guys made notes on their whiskey tasting cards from Dulce Press.





After enjoying the whiskey, they headed back to the main bog where a table was set in the bog for dinner.  The centerpiece of the table was created by All About Flowers for Weddings and was a creative mix of flowers and whiskey in a stack of whiskey glasses.  At the bog, the men mixed up some cranberry old fashioneds and sipped on some local Cape Cod Beer.  Friends toasted the groom, signed his football and were able to sit back, relax and puff on their new cigars.



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