To Veil or Not to Veil



So you found ‘the’ dress, the shoes, the bridesmaids dresses and possibly even the jewelry but now you must decide on whether to veil or not to veil? That is the question.

The tradition of wearing a wedding veil goes back further than the tradition of brides wearing white and although there is no definitive answer as to why a bride wears a veil, there is the history to support it’s presence and the final decision will be left up to you.

Here are some things to think about while deciding if a veil is for you..


Does your dress have an interesting back or details you want to show off?

Most of the time during the ceremony your guests will be looking at the back (or side) of you so keep that in mind with what you would like to show off during that time. A veil can often times take away from the back details as the main focus. If you do decide you want a veil then choose one that has less fullness at the top so that it will be more sheer and your guests will still be able to see and enjoy the design of the back.


Will you be holding a bouquet?

A bouquet is a great accessory to have while walking down the aisle and is a beautiful finishing touch but with one hand holding the bouquet and the other arm holding onto the person giving you away, you don’t have any other arms (I hope not) to fuss with the veil if it flutters behind you. Especially with a long veil. For that you will want to bring the veil over your shoulders and hold it slightly in your fingers so that as you walk it doesn’t get stuck or drag 10 feet behind you. With wind or carpeted floors the veil can be unpredictable.


Will your wedding be outside?

If so then you have the weather to worry about. With the wind comes a tornado of a veil and while you are saying your vows the veil could be doing a little dance on top of your head or even blow in front of your face. Not a pretty sight for photos.


As you walk down the aisle what would you like your groom to see? 

Your eyes will be fixated on your groom as you walk down the aisle and it’s important to think about what you would like your groom to see. A bride with a halo of tulle framing her beautiful face and dress or a natural bride with flowers in her hair instead. What you decide will showcase your personality.


Veils look great in photos!

I don’t know about you but I think veils look great in photos and are beautiful for portraits of the bride. This may be a deciding factor if you want to look back at your photos and see a blushing bride with a veil. At the same time you can always have a veil on stand-by just for photos if you decide not to wear one down the aisle.


Location, Location, Location.

Where you are getting married may help you decide what to do as well. If your ceremony is going to be at a cathedral, church, ballroom, or your wedding is black tie then a veil creates the elegance for those locations and will look very appropriate.


How do you feel when you put a veil on with your dress?

It is important to at least try a veil on with your dress even if you think you don’t want one. You will be able to see for yourself what you would look like and you will know right away how you feel about it. Some brides end up not feeling like themselves while others are surprised at how a veil created a whole new element for them as a bride. 

All in all, the choice is yours. What will you do?

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