My Bachelorette Party- Vegas Style



Ok, so from this photo alone you can see that we all had a good time a few weekends ago at my bachelorette party. Note that this is the beginning of it all! The dancing and the fun was just getting started!

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As I arrived in Vegas with two of my girlfriends from Seattle, the excitement for the weekend was already uncontrollable. We get to the SLS Hotel where we were staying and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the hotel is! Not to mention our rooms were trendy, comfortable and perfect for girls to get ready in. A surprise was in store for me after dinner so we primped and pampered to get ready for the night. First stop Chleo, for dinner. Chleo knows how to treat a lady. The small plates to share of food were incredible and if we weren’t all in tight fitting dresses you know we would have stayed longer to take in the amazing cuisine!

From dinner the girls took me to the High Roller because well you know, we are high rollers. The High Roller is a brand new ‘ferris wheel’ type ride that is the best way to see the city and get the night started. Each ‘pod’ could fit at least 30 people standing and the mobile bar that joins you for the ride sets the mood off right. From selfies to shots and candid photoshoots, my friends were ready to party.


Cue the music.

A bachelorette party in Vegas wouldn’t be the same without Britney Spears in the house! Of course we had to go pay tribute to our teenage girl dreams and go see Britney perform. It was quite the show to experience and we all had a blast busting out our dance moves and our surprising vocals. Britney wasn’t the only one lip-singing. My photos aren’t great from the show but you can check out my Instagram @DesHartsock for a short video I took of Britney performing.

From High Rollers to Britney, the night wasn’t over just yet. We made our way to Hyde nightclub in Bellagio Hotel to shake what our mama gave us and have a fun time out on the town. Clubs aren’t really our scene but when in Vegas that is the only place to be and a fabulous time it was. Being surrounded by close friends is the ultimate gift and I couldn’t have had a better time that night.

Waking up slowly is an understatement. Luckily my friends made some bachelorette survival kits to get us all threw the weekend in somewhat stellar shape. Included in the kits were trucker hats for everyone to wear to the pool in honor of Chris and I. I loved the personal touch and that Chris was included in it. 😉

The pool at SLS was exactly what we needed. Not too crazy, not too busy and just the right amount of hot.

photo 4 photo 5

After some much needed naps and food we all got ready for another night out. I don’t think we anticipated to go ALL out the first night so this second night was supposed to be the big hoorah. It definitely was but with an added sleepiness all around.

After a day in the sun we needed some food in our bellies and headed to Katsuya for some sushi and Japanese cuisine. Katsuya is one of my favorite restaurants ever and a place my friend and I would frequent while living in LA. It was the perfect place to take all of the girls and was conveniently placed in our hotel. If you have never been to Katsuya, you must go and taste the goodness!

We made our way to Sayers Club after our wonderful meal for the beginning of the night and it was definitely right up my alley with live music and a cool vibe that reminded me of LA or supper club. It was very chill and nice to have the space to dance and be free, fun, crazy girls.

20141025_Sayers_hires-1 20141025_Sayers_hires-95

We had other engagements at the club next door so we had to leave Sayers but will definitely be a place I would love to go back to with Chris. We get into Life which is the nightclub there and they sure do know how to make a bachelorette feel special! All of the waitresses were on the shoulders of the bouncers or other guys with sparklers and I was given a fun Bachelorette celebratory cake with ‘Congrats Des’ across the screen!  It was incredible and also really awkward for me since I really don’t like being the center of attention like that. That’s my own thing but really thoughtful of the nightclub. It was nice to have my friends around me for that though because I know a few of them got a kick out of it.


That was our weekend! Lots of dancing, flashy lights, loud music, girls dressed in tiny dresses, guys bro-ing out, great food, awesome memories and a headache that lasted far too long… but all well worth it!

Thank you friends for making my bachelorette party the best ever and for always being there to support me in every way possible. Also for those that couldn’t make it you were missed but not forgotten. Love you all!! See you in Jan. xoxooxox

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