Q & A with Chris & Des


Chris & Desiree (19 of 119)

1. Will you go on a honeymoon after the wedding, and if so did you decide where?

YES! Looking forward to it but still deciding on location. Definitely somewhere tropical like Hawaii or Fiji.

 2. Do you like Chris’s face clean shaven or with facial hair?

Facial hair for sure! 

3. What do you (Chris) do to make up with Des after having an argument/fight?

 But we never fight! haha j/k. I make sure to always give her a hug and tell her I love her.

4. How many kids do you both want?

We will see but maybe 3 ? 

5. Who will be the disciplinarian and who will be the big softy?

We both will be a mixture of disciplinarian and softy, depends on if we have boys or girls. I could see Chris being a softy with a daughter.

6. Where do you see yourselves in five years?

 Married, kids, dogs, traveling, and doing what we love. 

7. When are you getting a dog, you’ve mentioned in the past.

Hopefully soon! We have been too busy right now to care for a dog but will try to get one in the new year.

8. How do you avoid distractions while working from home? (Des)

 Making lists always helps me stay on track to ensure I get it all done. Also I’m not much of a TV person so I keep that off as well.

9. What was it like seeing each other again the first time after you both had gone back to your regular lives?

 Amazing! Those moments when we could spend time together while the show was still airing was some of the best times we’ve had and when we first saw each other again after the proposal. It’s exhilarating to be so in love and we wanted to take in all that we could of each other in those short moments together.

10. Who do you guys keep in touch with from the Bachelor family?

I keep in touch with quite a few people like Renee, Molly, Ali, Jackie, Daniella and Jillian. Chris keeps in touch with Michael, Brooks, Zack W. and Jason.

11. Have you picked your maid(s) of honor? (Des)

 Yep they have been picked and there will be 8 of them! 

12. What was it like knowing the truth when everyone had the ending wrong for your season? How did you guys keep the secret so well?

It was fun to keep our little secret and know that what we had was far more than what anyone knew while watching. We wanted to keep the ending a surprise for those watching because that ‘s the fun of it all, right? Speculating who it could be. At the same time it was extremely frustrating though because when the ending is assumed then that is all anyone is watching for rather than seeing the true love story unfold.    

13. Given a choice, would you rather have met Chris in your regular life or on the show?

Everything works out exactly as it should so I wouldn’t change a thing. I think it was perfect for us to meet on the show. It really built the foundation we needed for us to have a lasting relationship and also built a rare bond to have both gone through an experience like that.

 14. In hindsight and having watched two more seasons of the bachelor/ette, is there anything you have seen that indicate strongly who the lead is drawn to and is the most comparable with in a lasting kind of way?

 Having been through it and after watching a few more seasons of the show it is obvious when the lead is into someone by the way they act around them. Although the lead is the one that is supposed to be sought after you can tell when the lead is into someone when they are searching for affirmation of that person’s feelings. They won’t do that for someone that is too into them or that they don’t see lasting. At the same time they can be searching for affirmation due to physical attraction alone, when that person may not be the right one for them. The most compatible ones, for a lasting relationship, come from intellectual conversation and natural chemistry that doesn’t need to seek confirmation. Those are the more important qualities in life for a lasting love. 

15. During the filming, there was a possibility that contestants might leave. In your lowest moment, did you ever wonder if Chris might leave too?

I never questioned Chris’s intention or commitment or ever thought that he would leave. He always showed strength and confidence in us and why I knew he was the one for me. 

16. During filming, it was clear that you (Chris) and Brooks were very close, do you still keep in touch with him?

Yeah we still keep in touch and talk occasionally.

17. Des/Chris, which girls/guys (if any) from your season would you invite to the wedding?

The friends that we still keep in touch with are invited to the wedding like Daniella, Molly and Jason, Ali, Jackie, Brooks, Michael and Zack.  

18. Des, on episode 7, on the bed when you’re reading Chris a poem, you both talked about getting together tomorrow” don’t be late, don’t make me wait”, did you get to meet? Just curious about any other time you spent with Chris that we didn’t get to see.

No there was never any meeting up outside of the filming but there was definitely a lot more moments with Chris that weren’t aired. 

19. Des, It seams you really enjoy reading and living the bible. Is that something you and Chris also have in common?

 I do! and we do go to church and pray together. We do have our faith in common. 

20. Why did you pick California as your wedding destination?

We wanted to pick a place that was going to have better weather than here in Seattle, that would also be a fun destination spot for our guests. I lived in Cali for the past 10 years, so that also drew me there for our wedding. 😉 

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