Bridal Boot Camp: Week 6 {Body}



You made it to the final week of Bridal Boot Camp!! Thanks for staying with it and hit the comments to let me know what you would like to see more of. If you missed any of the previous weeks, don’t forget to check those out so that you can create a full body workout that is best for you.

Week 1: ARMS   //   Week 2: CARDIO   //   Week 3: LEGS/ BUTT   //   Week 4: ABS   //   Week 5: BACK/ SHOULDERS

This week I am putting together my favorite workouts from the previous weeks for a full body workout you can do anytime, anywhere.

1.) Close grip push up. Whether you are outside or working out from home, this workout can be done anywhere. Against a couch or against a picnic table at the park. With hands against the surface shoulder width apart, make sure your hips are tucked in and back flat and proceed into a push up. Repeat 15 times before moving on to next step. These will tone your triceps while also engaging your core.


2.) Stand with feet shoulder width apart to begin // 2.) Drop to ground as shown with knees to chest and hands shoulder width apart // 3.) Push feet out into plank position // 4.) Quickly return feet back to position #2 // 5.) With quads and arms up begin to jump straight up // 6.) Jump as high as you can pushing to the ceiling  * Repeat burpies 15 times and feel the burn


3.) Without a weight 1.) Laying on one side place arms onto mat and legs folded out in front 2.) Lift left leg while keeping heels together and toes out (as shown) 3.) Lift leg as high as you can go and feel the resistance happening on your outer thigh.

With weight * Follow steps above but add a 8 lb. weight resting on the side of your knee for added resistance.

Repeat 10 times then alternate sides



4.) Laying on one side with one arm out in front of you for support and other arm in air, lift your legs up together while also reaching for your ankle to create the second position shown. Repeat movement 20 times before turning on to other side to reach other oblique.



5.) Standing with feet together and bend in knees, hold 8-10 lb. weight in both hands. In one motion push weight forward and left leg back. Alternate legs each time and repeat 20 times.



Repeat this workout 3 times for a complete body workout that will leave you feeling good and looking good!


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