Why Love is like Football


Football season is loved and cherished by many and at times can take precedent over spending quality time together. There’s something about rooting for your hometown team that is nostalgic and exciting but also time consuming. Let’s turn off the TV for one second and ponder the thought of how Love is often times like Football.


Love is such a rewarding feeling…much like winning a game.


Love can make your heart feel like it’s been hit by a linebacker… but in a good way.


Love starts with a lot of passes, from both parties. Football would not be a game without successful passes down the field.


Love opens the door to outsiders opinions, ever heard of ESPN?


Love is a choice. Much like choosing a team.


When love is combined with teamwork it can get through anything, how about that Superbowl.


Love makes us smile. So does a good game.


When in love, our family and friends can be our biggest fans.


Love is comfortable and loyal. Loyalty for a team goes beyond the comfort of a couch while watching the big game.

Good Luck to your college team today and may the best team win tomorrow! Go Seahawks.

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