In a ‘Pinch’ for your Bridal Party Gifts?



With the number of lists made and decisions conquered while planning a wedding, the bridal party gifts can tend to go to the waste side. Have no fear!… I have just the thing for your bridal party gift needs, without the hassle of putting together baskets, gift boxes, or wrapping anything for that matter.

I have had some experience with being in weddings this year and I can’t tell you enough how handy my Pinch Provisions kit has helped in so many unforeseen circumstances. Like the bride needing a bobby pin without a hairstylist in sight to help or needing to sew a seam together that came undone, my kit has helped so much and why these kits are GREAT gifts for everyone in your party! The best part too is that I take this kit everywhere while traveling because you just never know when you will need something.

From the flower girls to the groomsmen, Pinch Provisions has it all. Check out the items we got for our bridal party, as well as ourselves for our wedding! I just can’t wait. 😉

For myself (the Bride) 😉 :



The Bridetastic Deluxe Wedding kit has over 100 beauty, fashion and personal care essentials that will come in handy the day of!  From a folding brush to clear nail polish and tweezers, this kit will seriously save the day if anything were to happen to the gown, veil, makeup or hair.

For the Bridesmaids:



Your bridesmaids will love you even more with this wonderful handy Bridesmaid’s Kit. Mouth spray for fresh breath, bobby pins and advil are all must haves for a wedding. Best gift to give ever!


For the MOMS:


Don’t forget about your mom and mother-in-law to be! They will be wearing dresses and wanting to feel pretty on their child’s wedding day too so why not treat them to this adorable silver and gold mini-emergency kit that has hairspray and double sided tape along with a bunch of other necessities.


For the Flower Girls:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.27.01 PM


With hair clips and glitter band aids, this Flower Girl Kit is going to be a winner. Even comes with cards to keep them occupied, this kit will be a life saver.


For the Groom & Groomsmen:


Don’t leave the men out. They want to feel special too! For the Groom and Groomsmen this kit has everything they need to look good, smell good and give the groomsmen confidence to maybe hit on one of the bridesmaids. Also this kit is the perfect size and case to use again for business cards or mints.


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