Chris’s Corner {Bridal Party Gifts}




Well it’s about that time….We are about to get married! Two months away and I am not nervous at all haha………

Des and I have been to a lot of weddings this year. Six to be exact. Well, after the end of November it will be six. Do you know what that does to a schedule? Not to be selfish, but come on friends. Can’t we all spread out our wedding dates a little more than every month? With weddings come dancing, joy, tears (not for me), laughter and – GIFTS! Tradition right?

Now I am not talking about going on the registry and picking out a gift for the bride and groom. I think that the idea of a gift is to surprise someone and going on a registry isn’t really a surprise. The couple asks for x, you give x. Right?! Now don’t get me wrong, Des and I go straight to the registry to buy gifts, but there isn’t much excitement there. Just expectations.

The fun gift giving comes in the bridal party gifts. NOT that I’ve done it before, but I’ve been on the good end of receiving the gift a couple of times this year and I like it. But, now it’s my turn and I don’t know what I should do for my groomsmen! I want to give them something they can remember and something that is practical. A gift that they are going to throw away isn’t up my alley. For example, the last wedding I was in we all got personalized Leatherman tools. Awesome. I’m not too handy with the hammer, but I pull out that tool way more often than not. Ask Des…no don’t.

But the question still lies in what should I get my guys? I’ve got eight of them! That’s right, eight! It is going to be a very wide picture with our bridal party.

Any ideas, tips or advice on gifts I should get the guys? After all, it’s something they will keep forever!


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